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Book a table at the Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, Mumbai on TripAdvisor: Buy Food Online from Burma Burma Fort Fort Colaba and check out his menu for Home Delivery in Mumbai. Reserve a table, order online at Burmese restaurants in The Gordon House Hotel-Colaba, Mumbai. The Alps Beer Bar is Colaba's best kept secret. Myanmar Burma, is a wonderful restaurant with excellent service.

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Our aim is to offer you the best of Burma (Myanmar) cultural and food, based on our esteemed recipe. Myanmar food is a story based on local lands and old customs. Coastal, woodland, tropical and mountain crops in Burma have all helped to create the lush flavours and flavours you get at every morsel.

The BURMA BURMA is led by the dynamic couple and boyhood buddies, Chirag Chhajer @ Ankit Gupta. Burma Burma's approach comes from Gupta's Myanmar origins. He and his mum grew up in Myanmar, which formed the basis for the early adoption of the intoxicating flavors of Myanmar cooking.

The Gupta is part of a line of hotel owners and caterers, so it only made perfect business for him to combine his mother's delicious dishes with his father's flair and to create a strong astonishment for the two, the outcome of which is BURMA BURMA. He turned to his teenage boyfriend Chirag, a lover of eating and an enthusiastic traveler, to make his young dream of having a Kitschlokal come true.

Like Burma Burma, Gupta and Chhajer want end users to enjoy Burma (Myanmar) in a holistic way in relation to eating, culture and happiness. After all, eating is happiness and happiness is nourishment. Confirming the enormous increase in contact with different cultural and culinary backgrounds over the past ten years, the couple opens a place that specializes exclusively in Burma cooking to arouse interest and recognition for the excellence, flavor and unique nature of its dishes.

Myanmar cooking is a mixture of traditional dishes from China, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Typical dishes range from stewed rolls (kettledrums), paratha (palathas) to an original lettuce of fermenting greens and even Myanmar faloodas! After Gupta made the decision to start his own business, he and his cook, Mr. Ansab Khan, traveled to Burma for a whole weekend to discover the flavours of the kitchen.

On all seven of them, they spend the whole seven nights trying out Myanmar foods from the local grocery stores, restaurant and the homes of their family. As they tried harder, they became more and more persuaded of the far-reaching potentials of the Indian cuisines. Burma's wall is adorned with cheesy artwork made in Burma, such as Di-Sum varnets that have been made in Burma for over two month now.

A further panel was specifically labeled with a typical Myanmar prayers that lasted more than 6 month to match sophistication. Incorporating a love of detail from the founder, they have been flying Burma sticks and flower sun flower seed to make sure that every client gets an insight into the cultural and traditions of a country that many Indians are new to.

In addition to the genuine Burma food, BURMA BURMA BURMA will also offer a Take Away Khowsuey Counter, a teach room, a Merchandize shop with ready-to-eat Khowsuey packages, lungi bags, burmesian artwork, bubble teas with tapiocaps and desserts. Another interesting thing about BURMA BURMA is that the Fort Output's menus are exclusively vegatar.

In the coming few month their short-term objectives are to open the home deliveries, present their Pre? to date Khaosuey packages throughout the country, create a website to sell their teas, conduct Burma cookery courses at BURMA BURMA and finally open more Pan India dining facilities.

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