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Myanmar Burma Bandra

Burmese cuisine restaurants in Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai. The new Kamal building, opposite the National College, Linking Road, Bandra West). Myanmar Burma, Indiranagar, Bangalore Burmese Restaurant. Burmese Burma Restaurant and Tea Room. St.

John Baptist Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

There are 10 vegetable places in Mumbai to try.

Today veggie is more than just paneers and potato. Mumbai cooks use their creative powers to promote gourmet dishes with worldwide vegetable cuisine. Going green is not only a mantras for the enviroment, but also for eating patterns. FOODYS become vegetarians of their own free will. Flavour bud of the Indian diet has developed and they seek this wow fact in a diet, even if they are vegetarians.

Today, world cuisine offers an infinite selection of exiting meals for vegetarians. Whether it' a selection of delicious delicacies or some of the most famous international cuisine, from modern presentation to a wide range of culinary delights, Mumbai's gourmet Mecca has it all. These are my top ten veggie restaurant picks. Savour the Khow Suey (Rs 380) with pasta or try the Kowni Mow (Rs 300), a lightweight but tasty plate of glutinous red pepper and tomato, stewed in the leaves of bananas, accompanied by crème of chocolate coconuts and salted absinthe.

Dinner for two: Ss 1500 ca. No liquor serviced. Spicy pan-Asian cuisine of vegetarian lettuces, curry, woks, pasta and more, inspiring from the roads of Asia - Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam - awaits the gourmets here. Meals for two 800 circa 800 Euros No alcoholic beverages available.

Mexicano Burger (Rs 110) with a crispy Mexican (red bean) pie with jalapeño sweetonnaise, salad and cheeses is the perfect delicacy for dinner. A must-have for cheesemongers is a must-have must-have must-have must-have: a must-have for cheesemongers: a delicious, smooth mix of mushrooms and cheeses between two toasts.

Meals for two 500 circa R' No alcoholic beverages in it. This place serves meals from all over the globe. Be it fully laden nachos, juicy burritos, cream cannelloni filled with corn & cottage cheese or tasty lasagne, Vedge has it all. One of its typical recipes, Chukandar ki Galouti (Rs 250), is a turn to the genuine North India beetroot kababab, with balsamic rain and green mango-zingo.

Meals for two rounds about 1,000 No alcoholic beverages available. Lebanon's fragrant aromas can also be enjoyed in vegetable cuisine. Ithaka' s unique warm and cool Meczo plate can be the ideal starter for any vegetable-grower. Mediterranian fused cuisine and libanese tradition, with a turn, can make a dinner here thrilling.

Meals for two rounds 1000 ca. No alcoholic beverages available. A range of tempting menus from Europe, Mexico and Italy are offered in this place. Culinary delights include tajine, caponata, pasta, tapas and salads. Extravagant cuisine can be enjoyed in this stylish, laid-back place. Fried risotto (Rs 495) with sun-dried sundried sunflower seeds, creme spinaceous and parmigiano or risotto al forno (Rs 495) with bay rices in potato gravy and mayonnaise are just a few of the many possibilities.

Meals for two Cs 1400 ca. No alcoholic beverages available. Flavoursome, tasty, plain andhra homemade fare made from the freshest produce and masala is what you can enjoy. Meals for two Cs 700 ca. No alcoholic beverages available. You can' t be veggie and not go to the Sofitel Mumbai BKC to see Tusker's.

There is a seperate cuisine, which is only available for vegetarian guests, making India's cuisine even more delicious. Meals for two R' about 3.000 alcohol serviced. You can' be a vegetarian and you can't eat in the streets. For more interesting dishes and dishes click here!

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