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When you are thinking of staying in a bungalow on one of these beaches, you must book in advance. Burma's best time to visit is the dry season from November to April. Co Phayam, off the coast of Surin, Thailand (near Burma). Burma Stool adds abstract bamboo structure and sculptural interest wherever you place it. Myanmar bungalow rental, cheap and luxurious bungalows, rental by owners, agents and brokers.

for two: ALL COSTS for two

It' on a secluded shore. On our first outing to Dawei we visited Maungmagan and it was fine. However, we are reading about beautiful southern Dawei sandy areas, which are said to be more beautiful, clean sands, blue waters and all that kind of music. So we had our motorcycle, so a full days trip to the shores was an optional.

You might be waking up on a shore. We had a leaflet for thein Htauk Strand Bungalow in our Dawei Shwe Maung Than Hôtel. Isin Htauk was one of the two beaches ideals we' d been hearing about (the other was Paradise Island Bungalow, further south). Some other backpack tourists we spoke to told us that e-mail was the best way to reach Sin Htauk.

We received an e-mail back a few hrs after we had sent Sin Htauk a request. You said you had a "comfort" bungalow at your disposal. We' ve also asked them about the way to the bungalow which we have been reading were not the best and most secure. You said the street would be all right if you were a pro.

At the Shwe Maung Than Hotel we said we would leave the next day and return for a few afternoons. Main direction was: Motorcycle North for a few inches. At the" Sin Htauk Beach" signs turn right. Continue along the street and go slowly (as this is the tough section).

You can park your bicycle and go the remainder of the way to the shore. So we hired our motorcycle from the Focus hire company down the road from our hotels, because they were a little bit less expensive than the city. We' ve chosen a semi-manual bicycle (you shift by hand, but without clutch).

On the way from Dawei we refueled and drove southward. It was a beautiful ride and the street was very good. We returned by bicycle and through another town to the junction to Sin Htauk, signposted on the street. We' re walking down the street.

It was particularly hard on these cliffy descents, every brake would cause the wheel to skid. So I didn't have to use the brake and then I would shoot it up. Next to the hill the street was in good condition.

You stayed in Sin Htauk and wanted to get your own beers ('cause the price of beers in Sin Htauk was too high). There is no need to get off the bike and go on foot. After a few moments we were at the place where you would normally store your bike. The way to Sin Htauk was on a small ridge down the precipitous way into the Mangrove.

Although it was difficult to communicate, they tell us to let our motorcycle run and run. We' re parking the bicycle to get on our way. The children tell us to just go by motorcycle and they all zooming down and away from the hills. Okay, so we're gonna be riding the motorcycle. She got off her bicycle and let me go down the mountain alone.

It is a very precipitous cobbled small street. This is the way to the mangrove. The motorcycle was actually submerged by heavy grit and pools and died. Took a few tries, but we let it go again and drove all the way to the park.

Passing the chalets to the front door of the chalet where the restaurante is now. Others were loitering around the place on the shore. We had 10 "comfort bungalows", which are bigger and have their own bath. There are also 2 cheap cabins that use communal baths.

Although in the back of the bungalow it had a beautiful outlook and was perfectly. To the nearest southern shore, just a 10 minutes walking path with loud funds in the hedgerows. Much bigger than Sin Htauk Bay. On the next morning we took the same stroll, but continued to the camp, about an hour's foot.

At the other side of the canal, where the sea meets the Laguna, is the Grandfatherstrand, a sandy spot that is said to be one of the most beautiful. We' ve also noted that Htauk is offering a snorkelling outing. We had to visit Myanmar and it was a great experience. So we have hardly anything to say about it.

One of our major complaints would be the power packs behind the bungalow, which pump the fumes into the bungalow every day for a few afternoons. Originally we wanted to spend an additional day, but could not book the bungalow. We didn't think of the flood now that our bicycle was here on the shore.

Dawei and feelings of civilization. We' d spent our days on the shore.

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