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Myanmar Bridge Pictures

Getty Images' perfect Burma Bridge stock photos and editorial news images. Grab Burma Bridge images and royalty-free images from iStock. The Burma Bridge Adventure in Munnar is a classic rope hike for adventure junkies. Home " Activities " Burma Bridge: Carnival Camp Kanatal Uttarakhand / Burma Bridge.

Myanmar Bridge Adventure in Munnar

Join this adrenaline-loaden Burma Bridge adventure in Munar. Sense your pulse beating as you adjust to the rig. Munar, a great place to go with your loved ones and your families, is known for its quiet surroundings and scenic outlooks. Myanmar Bridge may seem boring because you have to run on a thick cord while you hold the two cords on the sides, but the only way to successfully finish this exciting action is to keep a steady equilibrium as you run over it.

Enjoy this heartbreaking move when you are balancing on the cable while your familiy and boyfriends are cheering you on. Get on this exciting Burma Bridge quest in Munar and come back with a purse full of cute, exciting memoirs that will keep you cherished all your life.

Burmese Bridge

One of Wayanad's best hotels/resorts, our resorts organizes adventurous activity for all kinds of thrill seekers. Burma Bridge is made up of a long, thick cable hanging from the ground and two cables that keep the ground balanced. This bridge extends over a canyon.

The bridge can be crossed as soon as you have put on the belt and connected to the belay. You' ll love the 40 metre long suspension bridge. Traversing the Burma Bridge is a cheque for your powers. As the bridge is swinging slightly, it is a real balancing difficulty to use.

These activities challenge your self-confidence and balance skills. So get ready for the Burma Bridge action in Wayanad.

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