Burma Bridge Crossing

Crossing the Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge may represent that: Burma Bridge comes from suspension bridges used in Burma during the Second World War to cross numerous rivers. Burmese Bridge Burma Bridge may be one of those things: Suspended bridges are often part of a ropes course, consisting of a simple piece of steel or cable to go on and two more to rest. The Disamiguation page shows items related to the Burma Bridge name. Once an inside reference has taken you here, you can modify the reference so that it points directly to the desired part.

Driving on Myanmar's highest railway bridge

Goteik Viaduct is Myanmar's highest rail bridge and you can cross it as part of a three-hour rail trip from the Hsipaw harbor to the former Pyin Oo Lwin cold store. Instead of getting another long and exhausting night coach in Myanmar, and after having enjoyed the Yangon Circle Line Coach extensively, I concluded that another trip on the rail would be a great experience.

Not only could I watch the lives on site, but I could also enjoy the excitement of crossing a huge bridge that was the highest railroad bridge in the whole wide open area. What is the fare on Myanmar's highest rail bridge?

All $3 for a second grade passenger. We' re informed that the seating would be tougher and the window narrower than in the $5 coach, although there was hardly any real distinction. Organized mayhem is the fun of the Myanmar railroad.

Are you crossing the Goteik viaduct in danger? In the meantime, if crossing the Goteik viaduct is risky, we would know. They stay for seconds as the platoon returns to the wide open room, just as it wants to pass....and...nothing. As this railroad bridge gets around it, it first pushes through the tree and ignites a nervy anxiety within you, while at the same the bridge produces enough agitated oohs and achs to unmask any tourists that lurks in the wagon.

It' like you've never crossed a bridge before. It is so steep and the bridge so enormous that the rail brakes to the right to pass the city of Lashio on the other side in a safe way. Built in 1899, the bridge was so technically advanced that it was held in high esteem worldwide.

Once it's all over, you're not too far from the end of your trip - maybe half an hours - most of which are still speaking to your passengers across the bridge and making sure you have a proper one. A whole new experience is waiting for you in Pyin Oo Lwin when you get out of the coach, shattered with leaves, a stomach full of beers, tasty delicacies and....a new esteem for your live and the miracles of Myanmar.

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