Burma Border Crossing

Border crossing Burma

If you want to say you crossed the border into Burma, do it. Do you want to know about visas and border crossings in Burma (Myanmar)? Checkpoints must be located at a legal international border crossing where you can obtain a stamped passport/valid visa and temporarily import a motorcycle. Did anyone use the border crossing point from Ruili (China) to Lashio in Myanmar?

Torun Tree - Border crossing Thailand-Burma

There have been stories from Mae Sai/Tachilek that you can now drive to Mandalay via Kengtung and Taunggyi, but I never did it myself. In the past, one had to take a flight from Kengtung to Heho or Mandalay to avoid the Kengtung-Taunggyi Strait, which was inaccessible to international travelers (only the nearest stretches would have been reachable, but check points some way outside the city would have hindered a cross-country trip between the two cities).

To Kawthoung from Ranong you have to take either a boat or a plane to Myeik, from where you can go to Yangon, Tiki, Myawady and other destinations northwards.

Border Crossing Myanmar

Hey, anyone experienced crossing boundaries with Myanmar? Particularly from China? It seems there is a new border crossing in northern Myanmar.

Did anyone use the border crossing point from Ruili (China) to Lashio in Myanmar? Anyone know if another border crossing in eastern Myanmar has been closed? And if you go to Myanmar, can you get out of the countryside or do you have to go out?

Yes, there are now tens of border crossings to Myanmar (mainly from Thailand, but also, as you have noticed, from China), BUT --- this is the big BUT --- once you have passed the Myanmar border and gone to the next big city, you can't go on to other parts of the state.

So if you want to go through Myanmar, you must first go to Yangon and then proceed to the part of the world you want to go to. Also the travellers who enter Myanmar from the Thai border in Mae Sai and then drive to Kengtung will find out that this is as far as possible by ground (even if there are airfares from Kengtung to Yangon: to make this journey by car, no mater how you came into the state, is still prohibited for foreigners).

If you have another questions about getting out of the state overland: do not hesitate to contact us: Apart from this anger, it is an astonishing place to be. Do you have a dozen border checkpoints? However, I only thought, if you enter from Thailand, you can't go further than Kengtung, for example.

Is it not the Chinese, or am I mistaken? For example, are there no Kengtung to Mandalay tickets? Usually, border crossing points are for daily trips only.

No one I know of who was able to pass and carry on at a border crossing, but I know more than a few who were rejected or not even entered when trying to do so. My vehicle was even refused entry to some roads in the state with my foreign license plate numbers, although it is now much simpler to move than it was a few years ago with a personal one.

It is possible to board a ferry and exit the island the same way. I don't know how it is from China, but when you come from Thailand, you have to drop off your pass at the border and pick it up on the way back.

However, I only thought, if you enter from Thailand, you can't go further than Kengtung, for example. And, as others have said, border crossing points are usually only good for one of them.

However, many travellers dare to get to know each other and spend more than a single night here.

Okay, as I announced this, I have done some more research and I now know more how things work and come in from China and Thailand. It is a rather interesting theme for experienced backpacker tourists in Asia who want to explore Myanmar (or Burma/Burma whatever). You can enter Myanmar from China at the border post Ruili and Lashio (Myanmar).

Completely over land, but you must obtain a passport, permission and leader to Lashio in Kunming (China). You can continue from Lashio to all places in Myanmar without restriction. There are 4 frontiers from Thailand, 2 of which can only be crossed for the whole working days and a continuation of the journey is not possible:

For the other two (Tachilek/Mae Sai and Kawthoung/Ranong) you can arrive on a normal entry permit, which you must apply for before entering the United States. The permit is issued for about one year. From Tachilek you can go to Kengtung, from where you have to go to Heho or Mandalay or Yangon (no crossing of countryside by aliens possible).

The other crossing also includes a flight or ferry trip from Kawthoung to Yangon, as there is no overland transportation available. Finally, it is possible to arrive and depart in any way (by air or land) and you can depart from any other itinerary you took when you entered the state.

This makes it easy to fly in and out of the aircraft by road and vice versa. 2.

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