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Yachting holidays, yacht charter and private cruises in Myanmar (Burma) & Beyond. Burma Boating organizes sailing holidays in Burma (Myanmar) www.burmaboating.com.

Incorporate a stay at Burma Boating on your tailor-made holiday in Burma (Myanmar), created by Audley's travel experts.

Myanmar Boating (Kawthoung) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

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Burma's best boat trips 2018: Reviews, Photos & Activity

Burma Boating was established in 2013 by three enthusiastic yachtsmen - Herbert Mayrhauser, Christoph Schwanitz and Janis Vougioukas - from a classical sailboat, who explored the Mergui Archipelago, 800 Isles in the south of Myanmar, during a canvass. Started with the classical sail ing-yacht Meta IV, the ship consists of eight boats and the Drenec-exhibitor.

She is the only boat rental agency in the region that operates a cruise ship rental service and provides cruise and boat rentals for individuals and groups of up to 12 people. Myanmar Boating operates the Burma Boating Clinic, a charitable organization that promotes health services in its area. One or two times a year, the firm encourages physicians to take cruise ships and see Mergui archipelago towns without health services.

Myanmar Boating operates cruise ships to two of the world's most uncharted areas - Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago and India's Andaman Islands - with a float of ten classical Sailboats. All of the cruising is done by the yacht charter team, but all sailors with experience are welcome to help navigate, sail and steer the yacht (and of course you don't have to).

Sailing crews are also willing to help non-sailors learn the fundamentals.

Major routes are five and seven day departures in the Mergui Archipelago and Marine National Park and 10 and 12 day trips to the Andaman Islands. Our fleet's most luxury ship is the 13-foot Clan VI, which was constructed in Italy in 1983 and rebuilt in 2014. There is room for 10 people in five booths and has a team of six or seven people.

A 51-foot category of catamarans, Meltemi was launches in 2011, carrying eight people in four staterooms and a three- or four-person team. Formerly in the possession of a Malaysian princess, the ship was purchased by Burma Boating in 2015. Scame, year of construction 1971, is a 72-foot ship with space for up to six people in three booths and three or four crews, perfect for small groups and family.

Fully converted in 2014, the 77-foot anniversary also offers space for six people in three staterooms and is crewed by a four-man team. Dallinghoo, the 79-foot protector, which houses eight people in four staterooms and a five-person team, was constructed in 1990 and rebuilt between 2014 and 2016 for two years.

The Meta IV also offers space for eight people in four booths and a four-person team. This 85-foot ship was launching in 1998 and overhauled in 2012. This 95-foot Aventure was constructed in 2011 and will carry six people in three staterooms and a five or six-passenger team. Raja Laut was constructed in 2006 and is a 100-foot protector that can accommodate 12 people in six staterooms and has a six or seven-person team.

Alternatively, the 100-foot Sunshine was introduced to the market in 2003 and was designed according to historical models from 1900. This ship can accommodate eight people in four staterooms and has a five-person manning. Drenec, a 120-foot offshore expedition ship, was initially constructed as a workboat in the Netherlands and was rebuilt and modernised in 2012.

With up to 11 people in six staterooms and five to seven members of the flight crews, Drenec came to Burma Boating in 2015.

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