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The Irrawaddy River in Burma (Myanmar) is one of life's great travel experiences. Burma has a vast landscape that can be explored on an overland or river cruise. Find the best deals on luxury cruises, luxury boats in Mekong River Burma. Here our sightseeing tour will include a boat trip to the giant pagoda and bell in Mingun. There are several luxury boats on the upper and lower reaches of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) and the Chindwin River.

Irrawaddy Cruise Guides

Significant changes in the Zimbabwean government (which was under a violent army regimen in the 80s and 90s) have attracted the interest of tourists and tour operators, many of whom have added the tourist destinations to their routes. The Pandaw River Expeditions, which runs a fleet of 12 ships, is expanding its six ships in Burma by two more.

Routes from Bagan to Mandalay are crowned with one overnight in each town, which facilitates further explorations. AmazonWaterways will start in November with the Irrawaddy and offers two 14-night trips from Pyay to Mandalay on AmaPura and three overnight stays in Yangon. Mandalay, an important buddhistic religious center, is home to several thousand religious and has more than 2,500 Buddha pictures, mostly made out of Saygin Hills near Madaya.

Favourite trips last seven days (Mandalay to Bagan-Mandalay), four days (Bagan to Mandalay) and three days (Mandalay to Bagan). Incidental tours includes an 11-day Mandalay to Bhamo tour in August and a 7-day Mandalay to Chindwin River tour in September. A notable detail of a trip is a trip to a nearby community near Bagan to see the charity donations to be made.

It is possible to see the temple from a warm aeroplane in Bagan, according to the time of year. Sumptuous jungle, hills and steep canyons, dotted with one or the other of the villages, the Chindwin is the Irrawady's biggest affluent and cruising here is an exhilarating complement to cruising in Burma. It currently provides three, seven and eleven nights, among them longer trips downriver to Yangon and further upriver to Bhamo on the China/Branch.

In addition to the presentations, each of the guides will take charge of a small group of travellers for visiting villages and temples. Belmond's MV Orcaella (named after the platypus baboons that live in the river) travels through the charming Chindwin Valley to the north of Bhamo - a real eye-catcher of any trip to Burma.

Depart from here or take a domestic plane to Bagan and join your riverboat there.

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