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I have received a lot of contradictory information about other blogs. The Myanmar travel blog will provide you with important information before your trip. In this blog it was about my experiences and my research at a look in Myanmar. This is a blog about beasts, Burma and British imperialism. A Oxford Forum for new perspectives on Burma/Myanmar.

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This south-east Asiatic nation with its old shrines has been relatively unaffected by the powerful and colorful buddhistic civilization of the world. Now, the countryside is gradually opening up to the tourist industry, giving you the opportunity to discover this less traveled countryside and its unparalleled cultur. Handlebar jerks from right to right and right to lefthand, it flies over an approaching car and then over another one.

You' ll find information about 45 country from my trips, but from these you will find a thick spot on Scandinavia and the Arctic - it may be cool up there, but oh boy...... it's nice-!

As we want to tell the Myanmar story (Burma)

What we wanted was something that would tell a tale and lead you to that goal in a very individual way. Jessica's leader recounts an old popular history among the rare adventures, which exposes as many issues as it responds to. Myanmar was isolated from the outside world for years.

Nine times attendee Dustin Main tells why now is the ideal moment to take the leap and see Myanmar (Burma). His humble knowledge of the languages allows him to reveal the few words needed to make a sound from head to toe. An important part of this process was the choice of pictures.

Our picture journalists have used the pictures in such a way that they merge over the course of history. These pictures contain a good mix of breathtaking scenery, characteristic Myanmar (Burma) and some nice human-paintings.

Burma, or Myanmar as it is now known, has a fairly turbulent recent past, with a dictatorial army that has led the nation more or less uninterruptedly over the last fifty years.

Burma, or Myanmar as it is now known, has a fairly turbulent recent past, with a dictatorial army that has led the nation more or less uninterruptedly over the last fifty years. Reforms are gradual and there is a tense relation between the vast number of minorities and ethnic groups that make up the state.

Myanmar is different, as Rudyard Kipling already saw at his own times, although it was not always so restless. There is a wealthy and impressive story, and a journey to Burma is like a journey back in epoch when Southeast Asia was free from the contemporary plague of massive tourist activity.

Myanmar is what South East Asia once was, what it should be, what it still is in our dream. Overlook the many stereo types and pictures associated with travel to South East Asia such as shopping centres, drug-induced full-monkeys, backpackers full of clubs and night clubs, and instead take the infamous Mandalay route.

It is the land where Yangon (Rangoon), Burma's capitol, still feel like the British who just walked out of. It has Mandalay and its king towns, Lake Inle with its swimming towns, quaint strains that are seldom frequented by Westerners, empty shores and welcoming natives, and a variety of cuisine that only Malaysia can compete with.

In Burma, travelling is still limited, as many areas are completely taboo for visitors due to riots and other tourist issues. Cash machines are becoming increasingly available, but it is still advisable to take dollar or euro into the game. Dollar is the prefered option. So you can change currencies in your bank at the same rates as on the street today without having to use the illegal trade.

However if you are planning on exchange of U.S. $ anywhere, or making payment with them, make sure that your U.S. Dollars are unaffected! There are no markings, no folds, no old notes, no notes with a CB start number? You' ll get the best prices with $100 notes, but keep a mixture of invoices (including one, five and ten-dollar bills ) for payment in some properties and sights only with the exception of the $.

Burma is a secure land and the population is very kind and supportive. Visa are only for 28 nights and cannot be renewed, which should be taken into account when booking your travel.

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