Burma Birth Rate

Myanmar Birth Rate

Burma's birth rate facts and statistics. Fertility rate is the average number of children born by a woman of childbearing age. Life-expectancy at birth (years). Life-expectancy at birth (years). Age specific fertility rates by city/country residence.

Myanmar Birth Rate - Demography

It is the mean yearly birth rate for one year per 1,000 people in the mid-year period, also known as the gross birth rate. Birth rates are usually the dominating determinant of demographic change. This is dependent on both the degree of fecundity and the ageing of the people.

Myanmar overall fertilization rate - Demography

It is the mean number of babies that would be given birth per wife if all wives were alive until the end of their reproductive years and had babies at a certain rate of fecundity at any one time. Overall Fertility Rate (TFR) is a more immediate measurement of fecundity levels than gross birth rates, as it relates to birth per female.

It shows the demographic changes that could occur in the state. The rate of two per female is seen as a substitute for one adult which leads to relatively stable overall numbers. Ratings over two kids indicate that communities are increasing in number and their average ages are decreasing.

Increased levels may also indicate difficulty for the family to support and raise their babies in some circumstances and for the woman to work. Ratings among two infants indicate that the population is getting smaller and older. In general, worldwide fertilization is declining and this tendency is most marked in the developed world, especially in Western Europe, where a dramatic decrease in population is expected over the next 50 years.

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OverviewThe dataset "Birth rate per 1000 persons" for Burma contains datas from 1955 to 2100. DefinitionNumber of deliveries over a given timeframe multiplied by the number of man-years of life experienced by the general public during that time. The number of deaths per 1000 inhabitants. In this section, the past and forecasting values are displayed as a line diagram, the area around the middle line shows the upper and lower variants.

Myanmar is number 107 in the whole wide globe. Our base contains 15,750 records for Burma. This is a choice of other dates for Burma.

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