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Myanmar best travel time

Please read our final guide to find out when is the best time to travel to Laos and Myanmar (Burma), the ideal time to travel to Myanmar depends heavily on the specific regions you wish to visit during your stay. The weather in Myanmar is divided into three different types, from February to May, which is considered the hottest and driest time of the year. Burma: Is now a good time to go? to see the best flight time. Jul-August is one of the best times to travel to Bagan, the ancient capital of Burma with its hundreds of temples and pagodas.

Best time to come to Myanmar

Myanmar has three different kinds of meteorological conditions, from February to May, which is regarded as the warmest and driest time of the year. Temperatures can rise up to 40°C during this time, but in the highlands it can be colder. May-October is the time of the month, while the climate is dryer and the temperatures cool.

These types of weathers usually fall from October to February (high season). But Myanmar still merits a trip all year round. There are two different periods in Myanmar: the drought period is from October to May and the rainy period from May to early October, and the rainy period can sometimes be unpredictable in some areas of Myanmar.

Every time of the year has its own characteristic characteristics. March to June is considered the glowing month of the year, as the temperatures can rise to 40°C to 43°C. The end of the rain in Myanmar is marked by October, which is witnessing a sharp drop in temperatures and precipitation. Chilly weathers cover the whole land, mountain and highlands can be much colder.

Bagan and Mandalay plains are the dryest areas of the land if you avoid strong rainfalls until August. Furthermore, altitudes mainly affect Burma's climatic conditions when highlands have colder temperatures than southern, western and lower central areas.

Nov-Feb is the best time to visit Myanmar because the climates are temperate and less wet at this time, but this is also the high seasons in Myanmar, so reserving accommodations can be more worrying. For example, many seasonal travellers with experience still enjoy the pleasant winter conditions in all seasons of the year.

In particular, you can enjoy the cold year round if you visit Mount Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock), which has a climate between 15°C and 20°C. It can be overcast, misty and overcast. In the evenings, when the climate is colder than during the day, you should take a sweater or wool with you.

Rangoon is known for its tropic moon climates and the summer is humid because of the south-west moon. In April, the warmest of the year, the temperature can increase drastically to approx. 37°C. So, the interpellation is: "What is the best time to go to Yangon in Myanmar?

  • In January, July, August and September you will enjoy good meteorological conditions with good averages. - Many rainfalls occur in May, June, July, August, September and October. - Yangon's drought is in January, February, March, April and December. - February is the wettest time.

Mandalay is usually thought to have a subtropical, humid and drier weather, although the rainy shadows of the Arakan Mountains are so thick that it is almost thought that the town has a warm, semi-arid one. In Mandalay the mean temp. is 27 ?. Where do you know the best time to go to Mandalay in Myanmar (Burma)?

  • In January, November and December you will enjoy good temperatures. - Temperatures are always high on averages. - Most precipitation (rainy season) occurs in May, June, August, September and October. - Mandalay has droughts in January, February, March and December.
  • The hottest and the coldest is April and January, respectively. - March is the dryest time of the year. Droughty and damp summers have a considerable influence on the Inle Lake meteorology. Droughty summers, rainy winters and rainy summers are characterised by a moderate warmer and drier one. The likelihood of rain in the dryest time of the year is less than a 10th of that of the wettest summers.

April, March and May are by far the wottest seasons at Lake Inle. Temperatures vary from 35 ? to 38 ?. April is the busiest time of the year with an mean of 38 degrees. Decembre is the coolest time of the year with an mean of 29°C and an mean precipitation of 27 mm.

During the other cool seasons of January, November and August. How do you determine the best time to explore Lake Inle? Inle Lake offers perfect year round conditions so you can come and see it at any time. It is possible, however, to reduce the overnight temperatures from December to February, so consider these seasons if you do not like the cool.

It is quite simple to predict the weather in Bagan, as the season changes almost simultaneously. Though most of these monsoons are wet, the rains rarely fall all days, but like a shower that cools the wind and rushes to send the guest to shelter until the storm is over. Between March and May the temperatures and moisture levels rise significantly, and in May it will be raining on a regular basis in the early afternoons.

Temperatures are relatively high throughout the year in the tropics and in March and April up to 40 can vary in amidst the high atmospheric moisture in the afternoons of 80%, which means that potable mineral waters are very important throughout the whole year to prevent drying out. All in all, the best time to see Bagan is from November to February, as this is the coolest time of the year when the Northeast Moon is bringing nice sunny rainy or rainy sunny nights with little or no snow.

Throughout this time the air moisture is much lower than on a trip through the temple, although more visitors come at this time and more airborne particles are generated when it is stormy.

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