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Myanmar best places

This is our top recommendation for places like Bagan, Yangon and Inle Lake. Hiking regions Burma, hiking inspiration Most beautiful mountain hikes. Myanmar's best sights and activities selected by our local tour operators. Named the best Burmese restaurant in the Bay Area. Welcome.

The best diving season is from October to May, but the best months are between December and April.

Favourite diving spots all over the globe

Only opened to the tourist industry in 1997, Burma is still a very new tourist spot for scuba diver of the whole planet. Although less known than its neighbor Thailand, Burma has some of the best divesites in the Andaman Sea. The thing we like most about Burma Dives is that it is the only place of this kind where you can be alone at every one.

Here is a snap shot of our favourite divesites. Western-rocky is one of Burma's southernmost divesites and perhaps one of the most thrilling when it comes to the breathing of underwater. It is not unusual for an old wolf shave to appear as a visiting member and there are good opportunities to see other sharks such as the famed great blue and white whales, archmouth guitars, shrimps, frogfish and seahorses, while the anemon-lined cave is full of overgrown lobster and crayfish.

These four islands off the coast are deserving of a diving trip, their faces are covered with shells and colourful sperms and covered with large cliffs and barracudas. Myanmar diving tours take you past Western Rocky, a small cliff in the heart of Myanmar's sea. There is a precipitous cliff fall of over 100 meters, characterized by rough cliff formation and delicate corals.

A lot of people think Black Rock is the best diving site in Burma. The clear water offers a range of 35 metres and offers breathtaking vistas over the cliffs to barracudas, tunas, mackerels, skates, stingrays, reef shark, whalesharks and antelope. The hardened sharkshark watchers will not be disillusioned in Burma.

There is ample time to see nurse shark sunbathing under the shellfish in their protected shelters. The Shark Cape is the home of a group of foster shark that shares up to four meter long with Big Blotted stingrays and stingrays. Sea fan onet when a large lime stone rises from 50 to 8 feet, on one side of a wood of giant sea fans and spots hidden by sandy spots, where leopard shark like to lie and on the other side of lilac corals.

Last year we saw whale shark in the seafan forests regularly and especially groups of young people (up to 4 at a time). At one of the nearest diving spots to Ranong, High Rock and neighbouring diving spots you will find treasure that will determine the sound for the remainder of the journey: There are caves, corals, shark and a very particular "Spanish garden" where we find most of the dives at nights featuring typical Spaniards and crayfish.

A few leagues off the coast, North Twin is a Burma diving site that provides a one-of-a-kind diving adventure within the islands typical of large granitic rocks with gorgonians and coral. Here you can see swarms of goatfish, batfish and snappers in flat water and a favourite 22-metre long mantra purification plant that makes way for yellowtail barracuda, big eyes, tunnel finfish and ray from the abyss.

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