Burma best places

Myanmar best places

This is our top recommendation for places like Bagan, Yangon and Inle Lake. Hiking regions Burma, hiking inspiration Most beautiful mountain hikes. Myanmar's best sights and activities selected by our local tour operators. Named the best Burmese restaurant in the Bay Area. Welcome.

The best diving season is from October to May, but the best months are between December and April.

Myanmar Love

Burma Love is a powerful and key driver of our ongoing growth. Burma Love's popular Burma Love dining experience as a modern replacement for Burma Superstar in the more easily accessed Mission District is now one of our main dining destinations and we hope that it will be extended and improved to other locations in the Bay Area in the near to.

Burma Love's appeal means that with the recent establishment of the Burma Love Foods Company, the Burma Love Ranch is growing to serve your favourite food items and outfits at home, with the guaranteed qualities of the Burma Superstar Restaurant. "Dear Burma-Love!

New younger sibling of Burma superstar."

The best mountain hikes

Burma is my favourite Southeast Asian nation - from those we have seen so far. It is less touristy, much friendlier than Thailand, we have not fallen victim to a scammer and there are astonishing archeological jewels of international standing, just like Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Like India, Myanmar is slightly less contaminated (with the sole exemption of horrific atmospheric pollution).

It was unbelievable, we also took the ballooning there, but it was disappointing (soon I will be writing a full article that will explain why). Then we went by coach on a mad trip to the Golden Pagoda Temple and got astray when we failed the right stop.

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Best 6 Best places for hiking in Myanmar

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