Burma become Myanmar

Myanmar becomes Myanmar

These problems become no less sensitive, no matter what name you use. The question increasingly arises: Why do we still call it Burma? Shan states will become a British protectorate - the Federated Shan states. It became the first capital of a Burmese kingdom that encompassed virtually all of modern Burma. Myanmar is one of the most dynamic and fascinating countries on earth.

Burma Story & Why it's now Myanmar?

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About Myanmar - Why we don't call it Burma

Does it happen in Myanmar (pronounced Mee-anmar) or Burma? Why is a name sometimes put in parentheses like on our Lonely Planet: "Burma" was the old name used during Britain's reign and the name that was adopted after the war. But the ( "unelected") army junta, which took power in 1962 after a 1962 putsch (and still exists today), one-sidedly altered its name to Myanmar in 1989.

Saw Maung, as chief of the army administration, supervised the name changeover in 1989. It was the reason the junta was arguing that this was to throw off Britain's collective past and to have a broader name for all ethnic groups in Myanmar, not just the Bamar's principal population. The move was strongly criticized by the very famous Aung San Suu Kyi, the leading member of the political party, who said that the army regimes lack the right to rename the name of the state, especially without a vote.

Aung San Suu Kyi's stance was endorsed by the US and the UK, which until recently was known as Burma. Since 2010, under the present administration of Thein Sein, numerous political reform measures have been implemented, which have earned him more recognition and thus a new name.

Likewise, the Swiss flag relates to "bama pyi" or the "land of Burma". After 5 workdays the UN approved the name of the new Myanmar, as did Japan, China, India, Russia and other Asiatic states. In Bangkok we realized that it was Myanmar, not Burma: when we requested our Myanmar visa, we had to go to the Embassy of the Union of the Republic of Myanmar.

EU is sitting on the wall and calling it formally "Myanmar/Burma". Like France, Germany agreed to the name amendment. It is interesting that Germans call it Myanmar in German, while the French still call it "La Birmanie" in French. While the UK does not formally approve the name amendment and the officialFCO website for overseas tourism consultancy relates to Burma, the website of the embassy in London does it not.

Myanmar's legal name in the USA is Burma. However, when Obama recently came to the United States to help the Thein Sein government's reform of democracy, he used both of them out of mutual esteem and showed a change in attitude. - The latest issues of Lonely Planner (July 2014) and Rough Guide (February 2015) deal with the land called "Myanmar (Burma)":

However, we have noted this recently publishedBBC article of February 2015, in which it is only referred to as "Myanmar". - The Economist called it Myanmar and argued that they take the formal stance independent of policy. - The Financial Times used to call it Burma, but in January 2012 it amended its stance, claiming that Myanmar has now become more world-renowned.

Sitting on the wall and copying the EU and calling it Myanmar/Burma on our blogs, but that is inept. As Myanmar became more and more international and interesstingly, when we asked the Myanmar population what they thought, we found that there was no great deal of support (only 1 enthusiastic Aung San Suu Kyi in Yangon, who we saw, was insisting that we call it Burma).

View our Myanmar trip movie as we drove from Mandalay to Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon:

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