Burma Beautiful places

Myanmar Beautiful Places

Well, we could go on and on about beautiful places in Burma. It was the most beautiful Buddhist temple we have ever seen! In this article you will gain an insight into the beauty of these places. Burma wasn't on the list of destinations until a few years ago. far away: Burma is one of the most beautiful and untouched places in the world.

Locations & Accommodation in Burma

Featuring gold stupas piercing the skyline, an inhabited island with cream-white coastline and stylish places to turn heads (think of colorful mansions and five-star liners....) Burma was made for lovers. Mandalay's bustling roads, the gold-plated Shwedagon in Yangon, the water of Lake Inle, the wide plain of Bagan... We could continue to research more and more of Burma's lovely places.

There''s only a jester going to Burma in the off-season.... right? If that' s the case, I must be a bloody idiot, because I traveled to Myanmar out of high seasons and dear.

What I would recommend for a wedding trip in Burma

Myanmar is not your usual destination for your Honeymoon, but that's what makes it so tempting. Although there are sandy areas and even swimming pools in some places, Burma is a true twilight outing. I would suggest it to any brave pair who travels and wants to enjoy a land with the distinctive heat of Southeast Asia, surrounded by the pristine nature of a largely untouched area.

Myanmar is still a young tourist destination. The Mandalay is the second biggest town and the last regal capitol of Burma, located on the eastern shore of the Ayeyarwady River. Here it is definitely a good idea to visit the old provincial cities such as Amarapura and Sagaing, now part of the Mandalay area.

The U-Bein's Bridge, a giant trekking bridge that crosses Taungthaman Sea near Amarapura and is made of timber from the former king's castle of Inwa, is one of the most famous attractions. I would always suggest a long cruise on the sea at dawn, at the end of the night, to discover the old capital cities.

In a clear night, the skies and rivers turn into a wealthy golden treasure at dusk and it is a great place to take pictures of the friars and other travellers across the bridges. There is also the more diligent side of Mandalay, from the dollmakers and woodcarvers to the silver plate factories and yade fairs.

Some of our honeymoons have bought the gems and had them framed in jewelry as a memento of their journey home. Bagan, also known as "the town of four million pagodas", lies directly on the Ayeyarwady from Mandalay. At the constricting waters you can see the Shan Hills on wheels, the fisherman working on the waters and the first of Bagan's 4,000 vegetated peaks.

By the time you see the ninth centuries capitol, you can't fully appreciate the size of the town and the access to the riverbank is as spectacular as the entry to Bagan. The Ayeyarwady is one of the most convenient ways to get between Mandalay and Bagan.

Every tour of the rivers gives a true glimpse into living by the rivers and otherwise impenetrable monasteries. And it gives you the luxuries of traveling around without having to constantly uprootect. The Sanctuary Ananda offers several possibilities for constructing a fluvial tour on your twilight holiday, and the yacht I gladly suggest is the Sanctuary Ananda, which offers all the luxurious features of the yacht, plus a swimmingpool and the most up-to-date finish.

In addition to three and four-night trips between these two towns, there are longer routes of seven or even eleven nights that take you to more distant and hard-to-reach places. It has only 20 compartments on three levels, making it small in comparison to many other ships, which makes it suitable for navigation in the more rustic areas along the canal.

From Mandalay to Bagan take only 30 min, but I choose to fly between the two with a combined street and canoe. From Mandalay you can visit the river side village and village like Yandabo or Monywa. The drive to Yandabo or Monywa lasts just over two hour and you can stay the whole day before heading to a place named Pakokku, which has amazing supermarkets full of fruits that you will only find in Burma.

Leaving Pakokku you will hop on your own longtail yacht and drive down the river to Bagan. When it arrives there, Bagan is an old and charming town, which carries its story in its architectural style. Discovering Bagan by means of a warm aeroplane at sunrise can be a good way to get a different view of the size of the temple.

I suggest you take a native tour leader with you at least for the first morning of your journey in Bagan. Several of the coupons are 1,000 years old, and at the end of the days few things are better than going up one of them to see the setting point of the sundown, or cross the stream to see the bright shades of the coupons glow when the days are over.

I always planned in some amount of while on the Inle Sea on my Burmese honeymoon. Farmers' associations are swimming backyards anchored in the sea with trellis canes. It is like on the sea, where you see men and girls in a boat harvesting sunflowers, zucchini and green-bean.

I would make the trip to Inle Lake an adventure, so I suggest to drive from Bagan through the gentle Shan State Highlands. And there are many places to go and see on the way: ladies with wood on their head, men with oxcarts and men with cattle.

While you are travelling, the countryside changes from shallow plateaus to rolling countryside and it becomes very verdant, especially when you arrive at some of the former UK settlement mound resorts such as Kalaw, where it is slightly colder than in other parts of the state. Inle Princess Resort, like many of the towns, is located on the shores of the lakes.

In fact, the Thai-influenced meal they serve really stand out and contains, unusual for Burma, a desert, in my case mousse of chocolates in curled-egg. Arriving on a motor boat, they trim the motor and paddle into the doorway of the motel with the help of a conventional inle lake rudder, so that the only noise comes from the humans and the Lappwasser.

For most honeymoons, it's just a little bit of sea-life. Although Burma is not your default vacation spot, Ngapali has all the advantages of the Gulf of Bengal in the southwest, with its location in clear water and clear sands. Yet it is still a functioning sandy place where you get the feeling of civilization and fellowship that resonates so strongly throughout Burma.

Sandoway Resort is one of my favorite places in Ngapali and is perfect for honeymooning. The Sandoway is my place if you have to relax for two or three days on your flitter week. Ngapali Bay Villa and Spa is located on the beach in the lovely town of Myabyin, just 30 min from the Aiport.

This is the perfect place to unwind after a visit to Burma. Demanding, calm, relaxingly - don't tell too many guests about this nice city. More fearlessly, the Mergui Archipelago is a new area in Burma open to travelers. The possibilities for renting a vessel and yacht charter to sail on these seas vary, but most choose to rent a cabins on the ship to enjoy the unforgettable experiences of other like-minded travelers.

During my last journey to Burma, in the "deep south" of the land, I found a motel that I still like best - a four-hour journey from Yangon. Traveling in Burma by air, sea, rail or road is something completely different from traveling in Europe. But if you have more free space, you can take a ride by ferry, rail or road to the smaller towns and unexplored areas of streams and ponds and chat with local people, either in a street cafe, on a bustling pier on the riverbank or via the corridor of a coaches.

A last possibility, which brings you the civilization and the humans still more near, is a moving or Trekkingurlaub in Burma. Burma's best period for a honeymoon is from November to March, when the temperature is in the middle to high 20s and the climate is hot and arid.

February is the month when the waters begin to fall, so if you plan to take the trip by ferry, it's a good idea to keep that in mind. It' s a good idea to keep an eye on the sea. Because of the rainfalls the flora is luxuriant and the waters are high for these cruises. But at any season it is recommended to bring along hot clothing, especially if you live at Lake Inle or in the mountain resorts where the temperatures fall at all.

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