Burma Beautiful places

Myanmar Beautiful Places

Some people find the most beautiful places on this planet below the surface of the oceans. In the period from March to May the Burmese have got used to these beautiful places for their holidays. Journey included a variety of places in Myanmar. Lake Inle is one of the most emblematic places in Burma. The island of Bilu is a beautiful little paradise near Moulmein.

astonishing places you MUST see!

In spite of all this, Burma is certainly definitely a worthwhile place to visit. A few and a half day, a whole weekend or 1.5 months, so that you can see at least the most wonderful things the land has to show. There are two places that I think everyone (including us!) will be surprised by - both are touristic places, but they are still a charm.

Convince yourself, even during a stay of several nights in Thailand. The BURMA - TOP OF THE TOP: Bagan is known for more than 2,000 large and small churches, palagodas and cloisters. It was Burma's greatest draw for us. It is unbelievable how impressing Bagan is, you can go by bicycle or roller and every few meters you can see another shrine; you can ascend a hill and look at the surroundings full of magic monuments.

Once the capitol of the kingdom of Pagan, most of the temple were erected between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. At the moment the Bagan archeological site is 13 km long and 8 km broad. You can see it best on a bicycle or roller (as we did).

The area has small cities like Nyuang U, Old Bagan and New Bagan. There are many guesthouses, idyllic accommodation and friendly dining. Lastly, when you choose whether you want to see Bagan by bicycle or by roller, you should visit the most attractive places, such as the Sulamani temples with their lovely ornamental painting, the gigantic Dhammayangyi temples, which look a little like a pyrramid (you can see it from everywhere) or the Thatbyinnyu temples, which looks like a mediaeval fortress and is dominating the area.

Bagan is best seen on a card with all building markings, with extra description of the most important ones. Many of the charts also show the best places to see the sunsets and sunrises in Bagan. One of the most beloved places is the Shwesandaw Sanctuary, as it offers a stunning panoramic sight of the surrounding area - which includes the giant Dhammayangyi.

From Rangoon or Bylake to Bagan by coach, by airplane to Nyuang U from Heho, Rangoon or Mandalay or - like us - by ferry from Mandalay - a really beautiful ride on the Irrawaddy riverbank! It is Burma's most advanced place when it comes to accommodation, lodging and dining.

There is a lot of choice with many great possibilities for a quiet night with good meals (which is not so simple in Burma!). A Little Bit of Bagan - great roasted pasta, big tomatoes, avocados and lemon salads, delicious bean curd and pancake with bananas or pins.

The second must-see in Burma is Inle lake. The second largest pond in the land, astonishing neighborhood, fisherman in old-fashioned rowboats, temple, houses on stilts and quays. When you have already been to Cambodia and have been to swimming towns at Tonle Sap it will not be a first.

Wood yachts, nice greenery, pictorial buildings on stilts. To participate in the tour, you must make a reservation with one of the travel agents, many of which are based in Nyuang Shwe (we have reserved ours with Mr A Tun near the Golden Kite Pizzeria). We' re paying 20 bucks for a full days tour (8.30 - 17.30) for 3 (private boat).

Where to get to Inle? It was a very strenuous 9 hour drive and costs us 11$ each. Or you can take a coach from Rangoon or Mandalay. When you are not cold in a coach, you can take a flight to Heho (35 km from Inle).

From Nyuang Shwe you should make your reservation and find a good selection of stores and restuarant. Ships to Inle depart from Nyuang Shwe. A full moon excursion is full of rides, but if you have more free try driving to Sankar Lake - supposedly as pretty as Inle, but less commercialized.

The trip from Nyuang Shwe to Sankar Lake takes 3hrs. by ferry. Maybe that many lessons on the ship were a fight for him. Had we been alone there, we would probably have looked into Sankar. While Inle Lake and Bagan are not the only places to visit, they certainly make the greatest impact and remain in your mind for a long while.

When you have more free space, take a look at Rangoon and Mandalay. Also places like the Shwedagon Sanctuary in Rangoon or the Amarapura River at Mandalay are notable!

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