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Myanmar Beautiful Places

Well, we could go on and on about beautiful places in Burma. It was the most beautiful Buddhist temple we have ever seen! In this article you will gain an insight into the beauty of these places. Burma wasn't on the list of destinations until a few years ago. far away: Burma is one of the most beautiful and untouched places in the world.

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One of Myanmar's most beloved antique towns. Find out more about the lifestyle of the old Myanmar people and the old Myanmar people. Bagan is also the place of Buddhism in Myanmar. Constructed in Settawya Paya in Mingun, Burma is a empty sanctuary that is said to contain a foot print of the Buddha.

One of Myanmar?s most famous antique city. Find out more about the lifestyle of the old Myanmar people and the old Myanmar people. Bagan is also the place of Buddhism in Myanmar. Yangon, Myanmar - Scott & I's 2014 Journey to my mother! Cosianatour lets you design and plan your holidays in Myanmar.

Burma is still a country of stunning natural beauties and charms that has only recently entered the contemporary age. Myanmar is a supreme state in Southeast Asia, bordering China, Thailand, India, Laos and Bangladesh. Nice temples in Myanmar (Burma) CC by K.

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Featuring gold stupas piercing the skyline, an inhabited island with cream-white coastline and stylish places to turn heads (think of colorful mansions and five-star liners....) Burma was made for lovers. Mandalay's bustling roads, the gold-plated Shwedagon in Yangon, the water of Lake Inle, the wide plain of Bagan... We could continue to research beautiful places in Burma.

There''s only a jester going to Burma in the off-season.... right? If that' s the case, I must be a bloody idiot, because I traveled to Myanmar out of high seasons and dear.

Bagan, Myanmar

It is not quite clear what was happening with Bagan and how one of the largest towns in Southeast Asia was deserted. Nevertheless, theoreticians are in agreement that the people escaped sometime towards the end of the 13th c. and let the huge set of unbelievable shrines and buildings to the will of doom.

By chance, much of old Bagan has been preserved to this day and is now one of the most important places in Myanmar - if not the whole area. All the large castles, convents and administrative building would have been built of timber and ruined, but the churches and cloisters were all made of rock and are in surprising good state.

You can look out over the land from the top of the higher temple and see the spiritual structure as far as the eyes can see. They say there are more than 4,000 sanctuaries on an area of more than 20 km2.... but when you talk about such large numbers, it's difficult to be precise.

Throughout the bush land of the area, edifices of various forms and dimensions stand out, such as large old boulders erupting through the soils. The area remained relatively unspoiled for about four hundred years after the great city's creators had gone. This was ghostly and was shunned as much as possible by the locals.

You can cycle around in one afternoon and see a large number of churches. In many of them, small and large, are the pale remains of wall paintings on wall and ceiling or the sacred reliquaries that were supposed to house the building at first. Must have been a great town once.

Myanmar was on to something when they felt Bagan was being persecuted - but not by bad minds as expected. In those times men still come and pray in the temple.

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