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Burmese beaches best

Myanmar's only fully-fledged seaside resort is Ngapali. A undeveloped beach near Kanthaya. Weymouth Beach is the best beach in the UK. This is one of Myanmar's best-kept secrets. It has a beautiful golden sandy beach interrupted by a large granite rock, the largest rock is crowned by a small golden stupa.

Myanmar's most attractive beaches and islands

Ngapali is the first island in Myanmar that is often mentioned by tourists: the beautiful sandy beaches, the blue water and the luxury hotel..... Situated in the Rakhine State in the western part of the state, it is a recreational retreat, perfect for those who can make a living splashing. It has unspoilt water, sea food and many seaside resort areas to soothe.

From Yangon, you come here by plane to Thandwe. The Ngwe Saung is a favourite option for expatriates and local people looking for a week-end trip. In the northern part of the state there are more sophisticated resorts, but the southern part with its relaxed ambience is an excellent place to backpack. It is a six-hour coach trip from Yangon, making it the simplest sandy area in the Peru.

The Ngwe Saung is the alternatives to Chaung Tha Strand, which is just as beautiful but has a more down-to-earth atmosphere - it is more populair. Kanthaya, or'Pleasant Beach', is mostly undetected. It is not as demanding as Ngapali or as approachable as Ngwe Saung. It' s an eight hour drive from Yangon to Gwa and Kanthaya, past small seaside cities with long palm-fringed beaches.

In Kanthaya you find a simple lodging with practically no other foreigner, therefore this place is the ultimative privatebeach. Meik is every diver's fantasy. The Myeik Archipelago is a group of 800 or more abandoned beaches that are unspoiled, shallow and unspoilt for mileage. It' s beaches are covered with jungles, full of wildlife.

Myeik Archipelago is not for the faint-hearted, but certainly an experience of life.

Ngapali Beach

If you talk about Myanmar, you may only recall the old temple, the foggy hills and the wealthy civilization. Indeed, this fascinating goal has two thousand kilometres of coast with many pristine beaches - a miniature image of Thailand's beaches 20 years ago. The 4 most attractive beaches are particularly emphasized on Myanmar trips for those who like to get a little brown and spend an exiting time on the beaches.

It' hard to see why Ngapali is the most popular in Myanmar. It has 7 kilometres of fine sandy beaches with palms and blue waters. For Ngapali you have to take a 45-minute plane ride from Yangon to Thandwe and drive another 7 kilometres to the shore.

It is advisable to remain for a few nights as the travel sector is well established, so there is a lot to do: snorkelling, boating, diving, canoeing, biking, visits to fishermen towns and eating in the sea. The Ngapali Beach is the best place in Myanmar not only for fun and travel, but also to explore Burma culture.

The city is still untouched, although the number of people visiting is growing every year. It is a great place if you just want to take a long stroll. There is enough sandy to keep your foot from sinking, but it' still smooth enough to go barefooted (but keep in mind to wear insect repellent).

When you want to take a photo, you have nice wallpapers of clear blue waters, kilometres of sandy beaches and fisherman charging their sands. Ngwe Saung is situated in the south of Ngapali, nearer to Yangon and is as clear as in Ngapali, but not as pricey and evolved, making it an excellent place to relax after the exploration of the area.

It is a perfect place for every traveller, from local to foreign, from backpacker to holidaymaker looking for luxurious accommodation. Six-hour coach rides are the most popular way to get to the Ngwe Saung beaches, but it is advisable to take a regular coach, as cheap busses stop everywhere to reach more people.

It' a nice, clear and easy to find things to do all the time. If you' re fed up with being on the beaches, there's plenty of snorkelling and snorkelling to help you do it. When you' re done discovering the 16 km of sandy beaches, you can buy freshly caught black walnut juice from your grocer.

When you visit a fisherman's town in the early afternoon to see how the fisherman return to their town after a busy working weekday, and reserve a meal in a local restaurants to dine with delicious prawns, shrimp and octopus in the evenings, you will never be tired of the Ngwe Saung sun. Located 40 kilometres in the Ayeyawady area, 40 kilometres from Pathein and about 6 hrs by car from Yangon, Chaung Tha is not as lovely as the beaches of Ngapali or Ngwe Saung, but it has a slippery gold spot of sandy beaches and clear sands.

It is still a mystery for locals, but a very favourite place for locals, especially on Saturdays, Sundays and New Years. Don't be amazed when you see native ladies swim in their clothing and a hijab cover their faces. You' ll also see walkers carrying baskets of crustaceans of fresh sea food for purchase along the shore on their minds and native fishers introducing their overnight fishing, which could be eaten for your lunches and dinners if you get up early enough.

Maybe you want to rent a yacht and discover Tel Phyu Kyun (white sand island). The waters are so clear that you can see the marine life underneath. You can dive on site, so don't miss to take your own snorkelling gear if you want to go snorkelling with them.

Beverage stalls, teashops, restaurants and gift stalls are easily found on the beaches if you want to relax and chat with the locals. It is Myanmar's beaches, which you can reach if you want to escape the noise of city outdoors. Very close to the famed Ngapali, same qualities of sandy and clear waters, but Kanthya is intact.

There' are no seaside activities, no big stores and no big restaurants, but that's the most surprising thing, especially when we are confronted with so many contemporary amenities every single working days. Canthayar was" found" and designated by the commander of the Western Command of Myanmar. It is 125 kilometres from Yangon and about 6 hrs to the sea.

Although there is not much to do, Kanthaya is an excellent place for those who are looking for a nice and quiet place to be. - The best season to visit Myanmar's beaches is from December to April with hot tub. The beaches will be the most thrilling in Thingyan (or Lake Festival) - one of the most awaited festival in Myanmar - will take place in April.

  • Myanmar's joint Myanmar dress is a pair of denim and a T-shirt - on the streets and at seaside.

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