Burma Beaches

Burmese Beaches

It is a dream beach with seven kilometres of white sand lined with palm trees. Near Yangon, this beach is popular with middle-class families from the city. Beaches & Relaxation with Inside Burma Tours. Where more tempting than making Myanmar's pristine beach forget the heat of a long journey? A beach holiday in Burma is perfect.


Burma is not yet a favourite destination by the sea - fortunately. You will find concealed spots along the almost 2000 kilometres of coastline, filled with crystalline waters, giant palm trees and pure sands. Many of these beaches are still not open to tourists, just like Thailand 20 years ago, so they are not inaccessible.

This is also true of the many offshore islets, most of which are still untitled (this is not an invite to investigate them, and even less to form a hidden community like Leo on the beach). Some of Myanmar's best beaches are still within easy access.

Let's start with Ngapali Strand, a 7 km long sandy spot with additional sands, blue waters and palm trees to the Bay of Bengal. It is said that it was an Italians from Naples who gave the name to the island many years ago. A 45-minute plane ride from Yangon makes Ngapali easy to reach.

Ngapali is the best time of year for a trip from November to March. It is without question a great place for those who want to stay a few nights on the beaches, immersed in the hot sands, losing sight between the blues of the ocean and the skys. To the south of Ngapali, nearer Yangon, lies Ngwe Saung, a place nicknamed Silver Beaches for its incredible sands.

Recently it has become a popular bathing resort for the affluent people of Yangon without loosing clothes for backpack tourists. A tip: Don't miss to try the seafood on the shore! Chuang Tha is even nearer to Yangon, the classical coastal city for the people of Burma.

It is the place where the local people are playing on the beaches and having a good time. Roll on big elastic bands in the sandy, long strolls, marvellous guitars gigs, hilarious soccer and volley ball games, pick nicks and - why not? It' s the most favourite in the high seasons, so if you want to keep out the crowds, you can hire a small yacht to enjoy the area in peace.

It is a city that is more crowded, so that it can do much more than just a plain days on the beaches. You will arrive at Mrauk U, an archaeological site that is the second most important after Bagan. And last but not least, if you want to avoid the classical routes, you should go to the beaches of Gwa and Kanthaya, which are situated between Ngwe Saung and Ngapali at the bay of Begal.

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