Burma Beach Huts

Myanmar Beach Huts

Burma Paradise Beach Bungalows, Tavoy. We' found our paradise in Myanmar (Burma). It' a long stretch of beach with several bamboo huts to eat. The Ngapali Beach offers a variety of complex accommodations, from small beach huts to luxury villas and bungalows. The accommodations range from small beach huts to expensive villas, and the seafood is beautiful, with many places by the sea offering the freshest products.

Burmese Strands - Free standing beach huts? Is it Ngapali beach or others?

if you have enough spare minute take a quick ferry to Taungok or Thandwe and to Ngapali then night coach to Yangon. I understand that Thailand's coastline is unparalleled. From these 2, the (Ngapali and Chaungtha), how do they liken, is saying one of them much better / more beautiful (clean / white sand / etc) than the other?

Or, perhaps one of these places provides more possibilities for daily excursions - some folks have written that Ngapali is the major tourism town where there is not much to discover? Do you think I need to book in advanced for one of these two places (Lynn Thar Oo or Shwe Hin Thar)?

We would most likely book our internal flight in anticipation, so it would be good to know that we will have accommodations when we get there. I' ve just been reading that Chaungtha is 5 hours away on a coach from Yangon, while Ngapali / Thandwe is much further away. On the other hand, if you rely on internal travel, Bagan-Thandwe should have a internal flight, I think I already see one on the Air Mandalay ticket, although no data is available for April.

Lastly - do I need permission for Chaungtha? I' ve seen somewhere else in this forums that Chaungtha needs permission, but that might be out of date by now.... thank you for the time!

Burma Paradise Beach Bungalows - Front Town

Burma Paradise Beach is a superhost - super hostels are seasoned, top quality resorts that are dedicated to making a great stay for their clients. Beautiful position - 100% of the youngest visitors gave the house a 5-star status. Each bungalow is situated directly on the beach in a remote cove about 15 min from the next town.

You' ll be able to have your own beach and light start and even lighter than before. It is a very remote beach and a wonderful rest from the action. Burma Paradise Beach is truly a paradise. Enjoying our sojourn and the beach. Dinner was very good and kind and supportive. Very quiet situation directly at the beach with very good restaurants and pleasant people.

It was a great pleasure to spend the evening there and we appreciate the reimbursement we were able to offer for the cancellation of the overnight trip. We had four nice evenings at the beach of paradise. It was a desperate situation and a quiet area. The personnel is also supportive and kind! It is a true paradise. Burma Paradise Beach is a superhost - super hostels are seasoned, top quality resorts that are dedicated to making a great experience for their vacation.

We' ve found our paradisiacal beach in southern Myanmar (Burma) and are hoping that you too can have it. Accommodation in Dawei:

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