Burma Beach Accommodation

Accommodation Burma Beach

" It was near the beach and the restaurants. Bayview Guest Accommodation - the Beach Resort is a four-star boutique hotel on idyllic Ngapali Beach. Incorporate a stay at the Silver Beach Hotel for your tailor-made holiday in Burma. This is Bayview Beach Resort, Ngapali Beach. A modern, medium-sized beach resort on Ngapali Beach with quality accommodation and facilities.

Ngapali Beach Hotel | Hotels in Ngapali Beach

If possible, we can provide you with a number of accommodation for each stop of your journey, selected by our experts as some of their favorite accommodations. In order for you to make the right decision, we evaluate each piece of real estate by equipment and services, but we also look for properties with a distinctive personality or a site that cannot be surpassed.

Bayview is an ideal option in Ngapali for those looking for comfort and a selection of dining options. Ngapali Bay Villa and Spa is located on the beach in the lovely town of Myabyin, just 30 min from the Aiport. This is the perfect place to unwind after a visit to Burma.

Demanding, calm, relaxingly - don't tell too many guests about this nice city. Located on scenic Ngapali Beach, this well-run estate has 38 large rooms in bungalowstyle, some with ocean-view.

Beach Ngapali

The Ngapali Beach has a long sandy beach with palms, ideal for a swim. This area is renowned for its great shellfish cuisine and beach atmosphere. Ngapali Beach is the most important seaside town in Myanmar (Burma) and the only one with internationally renowned amenities and hotel complex.

Its sandy areas are not overcrowded and largely untouched, making this area one of the last remaining pearls of Southeast Asia to be discovered. The Ngapali Beach has dramatic dusk; small islands are open when the tides go down, resulting in nice images when the time is right, although it is breathtakingly high.

What is particularly good about remaining close to Ngapali Beach is that the sellers on the roadside do not disturb you at all, unlike some other providers in Thailand for example. Ngapali Beach has small stands near the beach that sell chilled coconuts for the hungry and coconuts for the hungry, or for those who are a little hungry.

A secret tip for Ngapali Beach is to stay only from the north part of the sands.

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