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It is surprisingly easy to apply for a Myanmar visa in Bangkok if you know where to go. It is one of the best places I have ever eaten Burmese street food in Bangkok, Thailand. From Bangkok, can anyone tell me to take either a train or bus to Burma? The distance between Bangkok thailand and Myanmar burma. Click here for more information on travelling between Bangkok and Burma.

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No, only on foot or by car (official, for restricted passages allowing aliens to cross), in the sky or at Sea. The Burmese borders are far from Bangkok. Mae Sai opposite Tachiliek in Burma is the most beloved. Busses run from Bangkok's northeast station to Mae Sai, but it is a very long journey, about 15-18 h.

Tangkok and Myanmar are also served by Yangon (Rangoon), as well as Myanmar also. Because of the condition of most streets, every travel in Burma is a very long one. Burma or Myanmar or Bagan carriers recently offered 4 in-house services for $250. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Burma: From Bangkok to Yangon

"As desperation and desperation arrived, he was certain that his only thought was our well-being.... He was a beacon of reason in a world of insanity and suffering," wrote a colleague of this valiant Aussie surgeon. What did he say? It is a four hours drive from Bangkok to the Ban Phu Nam Ron boarder crossroad.

The Thai side is constructing an intelligent highway as part of a large infrastructural development to connect Bangkok with a new deepwater harbor on the Indian Ocean to be constructed near Dawei. Outside Thai custom, the chic gray gravel highway breaks up into a rough country lane.

I' m taking an elevator to a dealer's pickup (negotiated by my Thai driver) and crossing three mile of no man's country before I see a Myanmar banner flying over a row of cabin blocks. It' a wonderful ride through the hills along a dirt track bordered by gorgeous hard-woods - although most of them were bought for weapons.

Many of the roads, which the British built on a lattice, are bordered by nice timber buildings; many have complicated gingerbread and porches with orphids. "Drive southwards, the countryside is nice and empty" Drive southwards, the scenery is nice and empty: crimson red hills surround a meadow of ricefields, which is shadowed by slim palm trees.

The Asia Highway 112 between Dawei and Moulmein was recently opened to foreign visitors. Stop in Thanbyuzayat, the west end station of the death train, where an authentic C56 locomotive stands on a clearing. "a Burmese chick is looking lazily at the ocean, and I know she's thinking about me."

Wonder if the little maid was a king's butler. It reminds of Guilin in China: lime rocks that rise over several hundred meters. Gold bell-shaped stupas float in a precarious way on some summits; others are hiding cavern shrines full of Buddha sculptures that the people of Burma are donating to help them make a living for the next world.

This is a run-down place that has been contested by the Karen and Burma army for years. I hiked through south-eastern Burma mostly alone and joined the Golden Rock tour. This may be one of the most important places of worship in Burma, but everyone here is on the advance, even the friars who begin at the crack of dawn with calls for contributions to suffocate the essential chant of the convents on the neighboring hights.

Crossing a viaduct over a sea supplied by a warm source, I walked up stairs past a procession of life-size guards and Karen folktales hero.

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