Burma Balloons

Burmese Balloons

These are the best destinations for a balloon flight, from the North Pole to the plains of Africa. Ride into the sky of Myanmar in our small, exclusive balloons and experience the true taste of this amazing country from a different perspective! Ride into the sky of Myanmar in our small, upscale balloons and enjoy the real taste of this amazing land from a different view!

Ride into the sky of Myanmar in our small, upscale balloons and enjoy the real taste of this amazing land from a different view! With our commercial licenced UK pilot network we are able to give you the best of your life. When you finally return to planet ground, you will be welcomed by our committed staff and can enjoy your journey with a glas of champagne in the real aviation-era.

Guidebook to Bagan, Myanmar's hot air balloons

with no balloons to cloud the historical skyline. Bagan's balloons have become a regional icon and have propelled many travellers upwards. This way you will have an unforgetable bird's earshot of Bagan,..... The balloon ride in Bagan lasts from the beginning of October to mid-April.

The sunrise is when most flights are on offer, as the colder mornings allow the balloons to hover nearer to the old Stupa to get a more in-depth view. Possibly the most popular of Bagan's balloonists is balloons over Bagan. It all began almost 20 years ago with a small helicopter and a small team, but has developed into a 12-balloon group and over 100 mostly locally based and seasoned people.

There are two ways to fly Balloons Over Bagan - Classical or Super. Classical packages cost $340 US$ per head. Pampered with a snack before the plane leaves, while the balloons fill. Classical ballon racks are suitable for up to 10 people each. Free snacks coupled with a glass of fine wines come after swimming over Bagan's breathtaking immensity.

If you want a more private in-flight trip, the luxury selection ($450 US$ per person) offers smaller bins for a maximum of eight passengers with individual pockets for two. There is also an active excursion followed by a delicious Continent meal with as much if not more than the traditional parasail.

New in Myanmar's warm aviation scene: orientental balancing. But since it has only existed since 2013, it has already become another great flight. We advertise many of the same features and benefits as balloons over Bagan. The duration of all flights is about 45 min. Booking well in advance, as the places fill up quickly - especially in the high seasons.

When the balloon ride over Bagan does not suit your travelling budgets this year, or when ascending at high altitudes above the archeological area seems a little too discouraging, there is still a good opportunity to see the balloons as they float in at night. Some of the best photos will take you to Shwegu Gyi Paya for a panorama look at the temple and Bagan's icons with balloons in the faraway.

You can also find other bagan airline operators and take a trip to several of the most visited tourist locations in Myanmar.

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