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Phuket Attractions, Diving and Liveaboard Andaman Sea Burma Liveaboard, The best boat for liveaboard diving. Wellcome to my Top Myanmar Attractions page. Train station, the city is struggling to save some of its most beautiful tourist attractions. The pagoda was the attraction in Myanmar and I have to agree - it's amazing! Organize flexible tours that you can tailor to selected cities and attractions in Myanmar.

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Myanmar (Burma) is now one of the hotest travel destination in Southeast Asia after opening up to the outside worlds. It is a wondrous region of buddhistic churches, couples and convents, it can be travelled by road or over the Irrawaddy River, which flows through the countryside from Yangon (Rangoon) to Mandalay. Burma hasn't seen much change for centuries - not yet - so now is a good moment to go.

until you heard of a land known as Myanmar. The name of the land - now Myanmar, formerly Burma - even indicates that this fascinating tourist resort has one leg in its past, tradition and way of living, while moving timidly but constantly towards the new.

Burma is known as "The Country of the Pagodas", and visitors quickly learn why. Nobody knows how many buddhistic couples, churches, monasteries and studs are spread all over the country. From the exploration of a huge worship centre to the encounter with a small monument on the side of the road, the penetration of faith practiced by the great vast majority is everywhere.

Whenever there is an icon of Buddha, there are those who prostrate, pray, sing and offer sacrifices ranging from fruits to plants, from frankincense to candle. When the penetration of the religious world in people's daily lives makes them think that Myanmar is all about Buddhism, think again.

It is a multiracial land with interesting towns, charming towns, breathtaking scenery and exciting sights. Great Britain ruled Burma from 1824 until the country's 1948 independence. But Myanmar still has a powerful Myanmar army leadership vote. Rohingyas originated in neighbouring Bangladesh and have been considered intruders since their arrival.

These riots are limited to a small stretch of countryside along the Bangladesh frontier, so it is safer to move through most of the state. Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is Myanmar's biggest urban and trading centre. andalay was the last residence of Burmese monarchs before Britain's colonisation.

Neighbourhoods are very different in rural towns, where in many ways humans are as much a part of their ancestors. But even in the smallest, most remote towns, as elsewhere in the whole land, traces of the changes are coming from the tradition of living. One of the most interesting things about Myanmar is the progressive development from conservative lifestyles to more and more modern.

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