Burma Attractions

Myanmar Attractions

Yesterday little known, Burma is developing into an up-and-coming destination in Asia. Pagoda Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). The Ayeyarwady River flows up the rolling hills and wide plains in the centre of the country, where many of Burma's top attractions are concentrated. A guide to Burmese tourist attractions written by local Burmese guides. Ahlone, Burma/Myanmar attractions in Burma/Myanmar.

There are 18 attractions to see in Myanmar

They may not know much about the Myanmar mystery, the South East Asia land formerly known as Burma. In order to give an overview of this amazing place, here is a listing of 18 of its many attractions: There is no land that would be completely without a trip to this 2,500-year-old coupé, one of the most renowned in the underworld.

It is the biggest tourist destination of Yangon, the capitol of Myanmar. It' also an important Buddhistic site - it preserves some wisps of Buddha's fur and other sacred remains. The small cloister is an important place of Buddhism sanctuary. This rock and pit are in a tragic place on the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo in the state of Myanmar.

The monastery of Shwenandaw is one of the most important monasteries in the Mandalay area. The Musmeah Yeshua is the only place of remembrance in Myanmar's capitol and the only temple in the state. Once the center of an important group of Sephardic Jews, it is now located in the center of the town, between India's paintshops and various Moslem trades.

The Mahamuni Buddha is another important place of worship, the Mahamuni Buddhatempple. The Kuthodaw Pagoda is a buddhistic stupa containing the biggest pagoda script in the whole wide globe. Every slab is anchored in its own small cave-like construction with a valuable gemstone on top, which is arranged around a centre gold-plated template.

The Sulamani Sanctuary is located in the town of Minnanthu in Bagan. It' the most frequented place in the area. One of the four remaining sanctuaries in the Bagan area. It is considered one of the best preserved mon-architectural buildings.

The temple was constructed in 1105 during the rule of King Kyanzittha of the pagan dynasty, the first of the great Bagan temple and one of the most magnificent in the area. Dammayangyi Temple is the biggest of the four Bagan Temple. 240 meters high, overlooks the old Myanmar city of Mandalay.

At the top of the mountain, those who have taken the trouble to make the ascent are awarded with magnificent vistas of the old town and the Mandalay plain and beyond. The Mandalay Palace is the last Burma kings house, although no king has been living in this large palatial building for a hundred years.

However, this Mandalay Municipal Palazzo was renovated in the 1990' s and today is a stunning view into Burma's past that can be experienced by citygoers. The Inya is the biggest Yangon Sea, built by the British in 1883 as a dam.

It is one of the most chic areas of the town and a favourite place for leisure. On the southern side of the pond you can see the place where Aung San Suu Kyi was under detention for years. nya has a good name as a place for romantic.

The gold-plated coupé is situated in the center of Yangon. The Buddha is said to be more than 2,500 years old and was constructed in the Buddha period. Lake Kandawgyi is the second of the two man-made Yandon waters supplied by Lake Inya. Designed to supply the town with safe drinkable waters.

At 114 meters high, this Bago Refuge is the highest peak in the state. He is often called the temple of the golden god. Whatbyinnyu Temple is the last of the four Bagan Temple. It is another of Yangon's pagodas on the bank of the Yangon Canal.

Supposedly it was constructed 2,500 years ago and has a 40 metre high gold monument. Look at these two in Yangon during your stay: Situated in a tranquil, green road in the centre of Yangon, the BEST WESTERN Green Hill Hotel is the ideal starting point to discover the many attractions and riches of the town.

A few steps from Lake Kandawgyi, this contemporary mid-range resort offers 187 rooms with large views of the sparkling towers of the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Best Western Chinatown is located in the immediate vicinity of Yangon town centre and offers another advantageous position in the town. Miracles of worship and culture are just some of the many attractions you will find when you explore Myanmar.

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