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Regions > Asia > Burma/Myanmar. The latest news in Burma. Formerly an isolated, mysterious state, Myanmar is now open to the world and is quickly becoming a must in Southeast Asia. Plundering of forests in Southeast Asia: a link between Burma and Cambodia. Yunnan's view of China's'Burma policy'.

Burma: Asia's last border opens up

Star Trek references aside, there is a taste for what remains to be discovered about Burma. Twenty-eight international bankers have opened representation in Burma since the opening in the last two years. But with the right reform - which is not certain - it also has considerable growth to it.

It is also equipped with a wealth of mineral and mineral assets. However, the bumpy path of some of its Southeast Asiatic neighbors suggests that it is not a matter of course.

Force in Myanmar: Crowds fleeing new battles in Kachin State

In Myanmar's most northern state, tens of millions of people have escaped further battles between the military and the Kachin rebel population. Since the beginning of April, approximately 4,000 persons have been displaced from their houses, according to the UN. There is a long-standing dispute between the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) and the governing forces.

Tell the army to beat the insurgents with air raids and guns. In addition to the thousand IDPs, there are concerns that many will stay imprisoned in areas of tension near the Chinese borders. Relief agencies have called on the Algerian authorities to grant them permission. "Civilian security -incl. maternity, older and young babies and disabled persons- is our primary concern," Mark Cutts, director of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), said to the AFP newscast.

"It is our duty to protect these people." Who' re the Kachin mobsters? The Rohingya crises in the west of Myanmar (also known as Burma) were joined by conflicts with other minority nationalities. Since 1961 the Kachin, who are mainly Christians, have been fighting for more independence in this predominantly buddhistic state.

In Kachin and the north of Shan State, the fights are expected to displace an estimated 120,000 population. However, the struggle with the relatively well-armed KIO has persisted and they are still one of the most influential rebels. Since a cease-fire between the KIO and the army in 2011, there have been occasional battles.

Right-wing groups say that the military has intensified its campaigns, while worldwide awareness is focused on the Rohingya crises, which have seen some 700,000 refugees in Bangladesh. Last month's UNHR reported on an "increase in the number of breaches and infringements of fundamental rights", which included extra-judicial killing, acts of terrorism, and acts of forced marriage.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the country's de facto head, has been criticized for not ending the violation of humanitarian law and limiting humanitarian accessibility. UN has asked the agencies to stop rejecting abuse cases in Kachin. Meanwhile, the US ambassador in Yangon said it was "deeply concerned" about increased fights in the area in a declaration on Friday.

"cWe urge the authorities, as well as the armed forces, to provide protection for the civil population and to provide human aid to those affected by the conflicts,³d she said.

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