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We' ve published fourteen new tours linking Burma with Southeast Asia. This multi-country holiday in Cambodia, Thailand and Burma combines three of Asia's great fighters in an epic adventure. Our Southeast Asian team leader gives a balanced assessment of what is happening in the country and why we still believe a visit to Burma is the right thing to do. Individual, authentic travel experiences in Asia based on your interests, schedules and budget. Asian cuisine on a plate that highlights the trends and traditions of Burmese cuisine in Mumbai.

What are the Burmese minorities?

Over 40% of Burmese citizens are members of one of the various minorities in the military-ruled state. Karenni are a Karen tree - their name means Red Carens. With a population of about 1.5 million, they mainly reside in the isolated Chin state, near the Indian-frontier.

HRGs have cautioned that they are one of the most repressed racial groups in Burma, exposed to intimidation and harassment by both Chin's domestic and ethnical forces. They are denied Burma and cannot own, choose, move or get married in any country. Throughout the world, several hundred thousand have escaped to Thailand or Bangladesh, where they have ethnical links but have often been pushed back across the borders.

Burma's Shan are the country's biggest minority groups, estimating 6 million. These are distributed over the large Shan state and into the Kayah (Karen) and Kachin states as well as the Mandalay group. Most of the Shan are Buddhists, have their own languages and scriptures and have strong ties to the Tai tribes in southwestern China.

In the elections, the Shan are defended by the biggest of the ethnical political groups, the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party. There are reports that Mon are regularly attacked by military forces. This is why ten thousand Karen, many of whom are Christians, have escaped their homeland and are living abroad or in seclusion.

Whilst many Karen still reside in the state of Kayah (Karen), they are widely scattered, making the country's representative. The Rakhines also inhabit the south of Bangladesh and are mainly Theravada Buddhists. This history card has been refreshed to cover a section about the tribe of the Rakhines. In addition, we have amended the text to distinguish between ethnical groups and minorities.

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