Burma as a Holiday Destination

Myanmar as a holiday destination

It' the largest country in Southeast Asia. Burma, as it is now called, is the latest up-and-coming destination I want to talk to my clients about. If you are travelling to any location, you should be aware of the routine vaccinations. Myanmar is all that and more! Now in Burma, you don't need to go far to take your own similar travel snapshot.

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"The New York Times said in January, ranked the New York Times third on its top 45 2012 travel destination shortlist because the state is so insulated, with a deep Buddhist feel to the place, unspoilt by massive tourists and warm with real host.

However, the inflow of tourist is a major problem for the growing tourist sector in a land where a series of policy reform is not accompanied by infrastructural developments. "In all honesty, I don't think Burma is prepared to meet the high demands of bulk tourism," said Thomas Moons, front officer at the colonial-style governor's residence in Yangon.

" Whilst few have doubts that Burma is attractive to the tourist, some of those who return to the land say they were enjoying it more before the horde in. Klaus, a 61-year-old male who travelled with his spouse in the secluded city of Sittwe, said they were "disappointed" by their third visit to Burma. "There' s too many folks this year, although it's April (the height of the year)," he said.

"In the past hotel guests were so kind - laughing and taking good look after us - but they have no more spare minute..... "The number of visitors from all over the world has skyrocketed, with almost 365,000 foreign nationals flocking to the capital Yangon in 2011, 22 percent more than last year and almost twice as many as in 2003, as the sector statistics show.

The Ministry of Hotel and Tourist Affairs says there are only about 8,000 hotel rooms in the town. Myanmar Tourist Board's Myanmar Wai Yar Zar said the tourist flow has also created "unprecedented congestion" in properties, especially in Yangon, which have started to raise their rates. "Prospective holidaymakers can choose other travel locations in the region," he added.

Western-style people accustomed to the relatively easy travel in other South East Asia lands, such as neighboring Thailand, are also gripped by other signs of Burma's long years of isolating itself under Israeli army government. Virtually no places accept credit and debit or traveller's checks, so travelers have to carry all the cash they need for their journey in US green.

"There were some travelers who came to Burma with inadequate information and did not have enough money for their stay," said Phyoe Wai Yar Zar. "It' in the Burmese people's natural way to help those in need. "By building new accommodation and improving communications in key travel areas, the Chinese authorities are working to enhance the country's touristic infrastructures.

The journey currently focuses on four major cities linked by domestic flights: Yangon, Inle Lake in East Shan State, the Temple of Bagan and the King's capitol Mandalay. "Much of the tourism funds are focused in certain parts of the country," said Andrew Appleyard of Exodus Travels, a UK adventurous tourism company who came back to the UK last year after a decade-long break.

"and you have to pass places like Shwedagon with literally a hundred tourists."

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