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Myanmar's Inle Lake, one of Asia's most beautiful areas, is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Myanmar's petroleum-rich regions. Myanmar, see the most important facts of our fantastic hiking and trekking trips. Situated on University Ave in downtown Palo Alto, the hotel brings outrageously good Burmese food to the Bay Area. Burma is "the largest" large country in the Indochina region, bordering Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand.

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Myanmar has amazing sights, amazing scenery and culture. At the beginning of April 2016 DK & MH from Chic took their boy on a trip through Burma / Myanmar. GDK shares his thoughts about the beautiful Burmese population. The majority of customers opt for a trip through the countryside, visiting Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay with at least 2 overnight stays in each location.

It is recommended to end your trip with a few overnight stays on the shore (Ngapali in Burma during our winters or somewhere like Samui in Thailand in summer). Quiet water ways, artistic sparkling shimmering peagodas, ancient towns and some of the region's most authentic smile. Especially Bagan with over 2,300 shrines and palagodas can be seen.

It' s getting better, but in general it should be expected that the housing will not be as good as in Thailand and Malaysia, although Burma is likely to have higher rates. Burma has something wonderful, unspoiled and adventure to offer in a global environment. The kitchen is astonishingly dull for a land bordering Thailand, China and India.

Burma will be disappointing if your priorities are stylish shops, quick Wi-Fi and luxurious inns. Burma has an almost virgin charme, and the places, noises, and smile are just incredible. In many ways, the land unites the best of Asia, with a focus on India and the Orient.

Due to the peculiarities of the last 20 years, the state has been almost completely separated, not only from Europe but also from the Asian area. Only a few travelers dared to enter the countryside and raved about the variety of landscapes and cultures. Old convents, sparkling marquees, old fairs and a real smile.

Over the past few years, the political situation has become more laid-back, and the pent-up wish to go to Myanmar has changed from a brook to a fast-flowing one! From Bangkok there are regular services to Yangon and Mandalay. It is the biggest town, the trading center and a former capitol.

Well-known for its nostalgic British Empire architecture, with the highest number of old British Empire houses (some of which are unfortunately in ruins today), colorful roads and vibrant local market, the elaborate pavilions with Shwedagan, probably the most popular theme park, Kandawgyi Park - and most recently some of the most recent skyscrapers in the West. Greatly inspired by the British Empire in its designs, but now also with a contemporary skyscraper, and the headquarters of education in the most university-land.

The Kuthodaw Pagoda is also the most important centre of Buddhism, and a key feature is the Kuthodaw Pagoda, which is home to the biggest books in the whole wide globe, as many of the pages are printed on single stupa. The Irradwaddy River, a town with over 2,000 Buddha shrines, palagodas and remains that are now a UNESCO site of interest.

Bagan is one of the most unbelievable archeological places in Asia, alongside Angkor Wat and in Cambodia and Sukhothai in Thailand. However, it is much more than just the temple, the downtown is intriguing and easily explored, with ancient market. This is probably the most favoured and widely used area in the whole world.

It is a quiet pagoda pond with beautiful pagodas on the shore. It is the major Myanmar sandy area in the far western part of the state. Currently the accommodations are internationally restricted, but the beaches are lined with 6 nautical mile of untouched sandy and tree-lined green. At best from December to April, the summers can be severe monsoons, sea and sea with the few closed or low budget establishments.

With 1.5 million inhabitants, Mandalay is Burma's second biggest town. This is the regional center of religion and culture, with a heavenly line of glistening palagodas and shrines, with just as impressing white-washed Stupa. A large part of the town' s Colonies inheritance was demolished during the Second World War and further devastated by several avalanches.

Mandalay's inner center is fashionable, strongly inspired by the many inhabitants of China who have made it their home. It is the business centre of the state and the biggest town with 6 million inhabitants. Earlier known as Rangoon, the town still has some of the most imposing ancient colonial Britain in Southeast Asia, along with large parklands and seas.

It is probably the most varied town in Myanmar, which is often mirrored in its places of cult. There are Buddhist and hinduistic monasteries, mosques, Catholics and Anglicans and even a small synaog. It is a fascinating and truly magic traveler' s paradise with spiritually inspired architectural and dry, unspoilt scenery. This is a must on every trip to Burma.

The city is home to one of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia - probably the whole wide area of 42 square kilometers. There were once more than 10,000 monasteries, shrines, pagodas as well as stupas, of which only 3000 are nowadays. This includes 911 monasteries, 834 Stupa or Pagoda, 431 brickwork monasteries, 54 surgery buildings and 892 more to dig!

Myanmar's rivers offer a new standard of luxurious boutiques. Our packages in Burma are completely free and privately arrangement. Extending tours in Thailand can no problem be booked. Ngapali (Thandwe) is the principal one. It' s not just a sandy area, but a row of bays with small fishermen's camps.

This area is intended for the design of resorts, but at present it is beautifully unspoiled, with soft amenities and only a few internationally renowned establishments. You will find some easy meals in seaside eateries. Own and run by Orient-Express, the Road to Mandalay has all the detail you are after.

There is a large indoor and outdoor area with a large outdoor area. Departures from Mandalay to Bagan are scheduled every Wednesday from January to the end of April and then again from October to December. Every Saturday she travels from Bagan to Mandalay following the same saisons.

The second biggest in Burma, Inle is 20 mile long and 7 mile broad. It' an area of complete tranquility and exceptional unspoilt nature, with swimming market and village, with garden that produces imaginative plants and veggies on the canal.

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