Burma Archipelago

Myanmar Archipelago

"Explore a corner of Burma untouched by time on a crewed yacht, sail around its beautiful islands, snorkel on its coral reefs and meet the shy local'sea gypsies' who call it home. Cruise south and enjoy a luxurious sailing trip around the Mergui Archipelago. Cruise holidays in Burma, the Mergui Archipelago . Help the Dreamer

Commodity brokers are in the midst of setting up a climate protection program that will enable our customers to compensate for their CO consumption. Further programs by our Burmese community to promote environmentally sound and environmentally sound Burmese travel, include arboriculture in Bagan and fundraising for the construction of schooling in isolated countryside areas such as Inle Lake, allowing kids to go to college or even college.

As well as providing safe, sanitary and well-equipped and hygienically sound schoolrooms, our employees make sure that safe potable and sanitary installations are available to help keep the kids healthy. Cruise the Mergui Archipelago will visit this little-known area while you stay on a luxury cruise boat, a zero-emission mode of transport that uses the force of the breeze.

Yachting workers do not throw non-biodegradable wastes into the sea, and if possible, they buy new products from nearby communities and fishers. In this way it is ensured that the funds flow into the community economy and that the meals are as clean as possible for the people. Yachting operators are also in the works of setting up a sail hospital, a new venture to transport health workers to distant archipelago towns for free care.

In the course of the regular cruise the boat has always been to many isolated towns where there are no health services. Whilst the personnel transports and cares for these village inhabitants free of cost, they set up the sail hospital, which invites the health club to come with them to the village and offer free treatments and support.

These not only help the enviroment, but are also an important production resource for the restaurant kitchen. 90% of the hotels are occupied by natives, which means that most of the employee wages remain in the area. All our team members receive reasonable wages and are regularly trained to help them develop their careers.

It only employs native leaders who are conscious of indigenous practices and culture, which not only contributes to paying the money to the employees in the indigenous communities, but also contributes to avoiding possible intercultural conflicts between tourists and indigenous people. It is also the duty of all our guide personnel to enter into an arrangement with our land agent who will not take the visitor to unscheduled places such as school, orphanage, etc. or ask for any donation or gratuity.

The Burmese representation has been conducting social responsibility travel to the Burmese countryside for many years and has a rich store of regional experiences. Ah Lett Chaung is on the bank of the Yangon River and was one of the towns severely affected by the hurricane, which caused the devastation of many houses, farmhouses and garden and the contamination of the potable waters supply to many ailments.

Our agent has helped rebuild and operate the hospital, which treats 70-80 people per wk for a minimum charge. The hospital personnel also periodically go to neighboring towns where there is no hospital. In 2011, our floor operatives began providing payroll services for physicians, nursing personnel and safety personnel, as well as regular monitoring of the allocation of resources by a deputy.

Its next objective is to increase the supply of safe potable waters to the town. All reservations made through us will be donated with a contribution that includes a farm trip or education in the nearby towns on basic sanitary and hygienic issues, an important element in preventing the spreading of diseases to peasant municipalities.

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