Burma and Thailand

Myanmar and Thailand

Burmese migration to Thailand. Writer, Therese M. Caouette and Mary E. Pack. Burma-Thailand Railway was the main project of the prisoners of war for the Japanese.

Connectors, sockets, adapters and other information for the trip from Thailand to Myanmar/Burma on this page. Verify the Thai and Burmese holidays to see when the embassy is closed.

Insights into Early Siam and Burma[Thailand and Myanmar] - Cambridge University Library Special Collections

As of 1792-1845, the Royal Commonwealth Society Library has produced an online catalog for one of its greatest and most important anthologies of manuscripts: the paperwork of Henry Burney (1792-1845), a politician, Colonist and Arabic. He is the descendant of a senior master of the Calcutta Military School for Orphans.

He was the musical scholar Dr. Charles Burney and his family was the writer Frances Burney. Burney's understanding of indigenous policies and language resulted in his being appointed envoy to the court of Siam, and he traveled to Bangkok in September 1825. And Burney started studying Burmese right away. In 1829, his diplomacy and language skills were further recognized with his nomination as India's official at the Burmese Court of Justice.

On the 24th of April 1830 Burney came to the capitol of Ava and founded the first residence in Britain. Burney's studies of the Myanmar langue (with the help of a tutor) were so fast that in April 1832 he was able to directly speak with the Myanmar minister in their own tongue. It also convinced the Myanmar authorities to make the last installment of compensation due as part of the solution to the conflict.

He was called back on March 8, 1838 and went on vacation to England. Burney's collections contain important notes from his overseas diplomacy missions: his directions, travels, letters, diaries and accounts containing unusual insights into the Thai and Myanmar courts. Sharing the intellect and literature aura of the Burney familiy, Burney was intrigued by Thai and Myanmar cultur.

He has lectured to scholars such as the Royal Asiatic Society and is the author of publications in the'Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal', the'Asiatic Journal' and the'Journal of the Statistical Society'. In the early 1840s, Burney was granted by the EIC licence to release the Siamese Journals of his missions, and it is possible that he was also considering making a groundbreaking English-language story about Burma.

However, with the return of his army life, illness and an early dying at the early age of 53, these goals were never realized. RCS is also lucky enough to have a number of early photo libraries on Burma from the 1870s (RCS Y3029A-F) that supplement the Burney-Archives.

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