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View all our latest offers, travel guides and holiday, holiday and tour ideas! Myanmar - where all the gold is on the pagodas. You will find gems on every corner of your holiday in Burma. Myanmar and Bhutan offer amazing contrasts in culture, landscape and history. Liga for Democracy to ensure that all political prisoners are identified.

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Accompany us on a vacation of your life through the beauty of Burma (Myanmar)! Your Burma guide will show you your favorite places on a small group trip or accompany you on a tailor made trip and arrange each and every minute of your individual route according to your needs and interests.

The journey to Burma (Myanmar) has been logically challenging and contentious for many years; the challenge undoubtedly remains, but the country's citizens are taking this new occasion with great excitement to welcome tourists from around the globe and showcase Burma's outstanding heritage. Our Burma itineraries and journeys come with the certainty that you are traveling with an incumbent and fully associated tour operator.

We' re also proud members of AITO, the golden norm on holiday from UK travel agents. Go under the Burmese landscape with our full-page, full-page maps - featuring stunning 360 degree walks to all of our favorite locations.

Burma / Myanmar - Signature of the UNHCR, UNDP and Burma-Three Convention on the Rakhine refugee returns (06.06.18) - French diplomacy

The French authorities welcome today's Memorandum of Understanding between the Burmese civil administration, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This is in line with the declaration of the President of the Security Council of 6 November 2017 and the Security Council Security Council Security Council Press Release of 9 May.

France is continuing to provide assistance in this regard to the work of the UN and local philanthropic organisations. The French delegation urges the Burmese authority to fully co-operate with Christine Schraner Burgener, the UN Secretary-General's new Special Envoy for Burma, and to follow up all of the Kofi Annan Commission's proposals in its reports on how it has committed itself to tackling the causes of the crises.

The French reiterates its strong commitment to the Burmese process of democracy and to the work of the Aung San Suu Kyi administration to promote the Rule of Justice and to promote compliance with Burma's rules of humanitarian affairs and freedoms.

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