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Burma: The treatment of Rohingya Muslims has "all the characteristics" of racial purification, says U.S. Senator

Surgeries against Rohingya Muslims in Burma had "all the characteristics" of racial cleanup, a US minister said. However, US Senate members said they were concerned about a "violent and disproportionate" reaction to Rohingya's military attack, which drove more than 600,000 Burmese citizens into neighboring Bangladesh.

The Burmese armed forces have been charged by various groups with cruelty, involving massive rapes, against Rohingya, a stateless man, during so-called eviction missions. Myanmar says the United Nations comparative mission to a "textbook example of ethnical cleansing" was necessary for the country's safety after Rohingya fighters assaulted 30 police stations and an armies in the state in August.

"We are not listening to any infringements at the moment," Ms Suu Kyi said to journalists at the Asia-Europe meeting in Burma's Naypyidaw. In Burma, which is mostly Buddhist, the Rohingya are considered by the Burmese authorities to be Bangladeshi people. "Many of the fugitives have been directly attacked, among them relatives, minors and married men who have been murdered in front of them, women and girls who have been violated, burned and other terrible wounds.

That has all the characteristics of racial cleansing," Mr. Merkley explained to reporters. mcn. "We are deeply concerned about the militarys and the disproportionately strong reaction against the Rohingya," he said. It urged Burma to allow an inquiry into the supposed horrors to be opened internationally. Mrs Suu Kyi's civil administration has been severely criticized for its reaction to the war.

The Pope in Myanmar: Everything or nothing for the Rohingya

The Rohingya, members of Myanmar's Myanmar Islamic minorities, are all or nothing. That is why there was so much joy in anticipating Pope Francis's arrival this weekend. Even buddhistic groups were charged with participating in the violent propaganda after Rohingya fighters started lethal assaults on a number of missions.

It has apologized frankly for the Church's silences during the Rwandan 1994 holocaust. For a Pope who made refugee issues and the commitment to the Islamic community the two main topics of his papacy, it was not hard to believe that he would raise the suffering of the Rohingya tribe at a common meeting with Myanmar de facto guide Aung San Suu Kyi on Tuesday.

This is because the word "Rohingya" is meaningless to the Myanmar Buddhist governing body, also known as Burma. Rohingya had the same right after Burma broke away from Britain in 1948. Rohingya were not there.

Also, it explained why church guides in Myanmar told him not to use the term "R" in their Pope Francis letter. Myanmar's oldest clergyman, Cardinal Charles Bo, cautioned that if Pope Francis used the term or began a thorough account of the state of Rakhine, he would not only exacerbate the plight of the Islamic minorities, but would also endanger the Christians.

He' d also be meeting four other high-ranking soldiers. It was speculated that the Pope would be met by the Pope before he got involved with Aung San Suu Kyi and other members of the civil regime.

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