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When you want to get under the skin of a destination and experience life in a slower place, Burma has it all. The Burmese tourism industry is booming while everything that glitters is not gold. " We can do all kinds of things in Burma. Check out all Myanmar (Burma) Portugal travel, cruises and holidays from hundreds of companies. Whilst most travellers have a healthy and safe journey, there are some risks that are relevant to all travellers.

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This picturesque island has everything from the wonderful sandy shores and emerald green interior of Bali - the legendary "Island of the Gods" - to the breathtaking vulcanic landscape of Lombok and the breathtaking coasts of Komodo - the country of Krakhov. If you are looking for an unspoiled sandy area or a spectacular volcanoe trail, speak to us and we will help you create the ultimative Indonesia vacation.

No matter what attracts you to this South-East Asian country, speak to us and we will help you organize your ideal vacation in Malaysia. Thailand is one of the few places in the whole wide globe where you can see a town, rain forest and beaches all at once. Call us or visit us in your shop and we will help you to make your holidays in Thailand unforgettable.

It is a charming country with old churches, thick woods, beautiful sandy shores and a fascinating cultural and historic heritage. The mixture of exquisite food, tasty food and historic gems makes Cambodia a fascinating city. Encounter hot, welcoming locals, see marvellous places of interest and try the tasty regional food.

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Myanmar cooking is usually pungent and savoury. Of course, the Myanmar like to have a cup of coffee, but even this is seasoned! Be aware that your cell phones may not work in Burma - ask your service providers before you leave. A number of empires reigned over different parts of present-day Myanmar, but it was in the ninth AD when two in particular came to rule - the Himalayan Bamar tribe and the Mon of the Tibetan plateau.

In the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, the Portuguese and then the British. Burmese started a nationist move that only proved a success in WWII, when global events changed again. Only in 2012, after Suu Kyi's sustainable and peacefully committed support for the cause of democratisation, did she eventually become a member of Burma's parliament.

Our Myanmar trips will take you to Yangon's antique buddhistic temple, visiting stalked towns on the shore of beautiful Lake Inle and even taking the Mandalay Canal. As a rule, a flight to Burma takes just over elevenh. Kyat is the name of the offical language (pronounced "chat").

If you need a touristic entry permit for Myanmar, we will arrange it for you when you make your book. Burma is six and a half hour ahead of the GMT. Note that the electricity supplies in Myanmar may be instable. Buranmar - The country's main foreign tongue is Myanmar - formerly known as Burmese - although more than 100 languages are used.

Burma has a three-season monthly moonshine. Myanmar's total populace is at South Africa's level: around 53 million. Myanmar, with 676,578 km2, is about the same area as France.

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