Burma Airport Yangon

Yangon Burma Airport

("IATA: RGN, ICAO: VYYYYY") is the most important and busiest international airport in Myanmar. The Yangon International Airport serves Burma's largest city and trade center (Myanmar), Yangon. TripAdvisor for hotels near Mingaladon Airport, Yangon (Rangoon): Use the form below the map to search and book hotels near Yangon Airport, Burma. Hôtel de l'aéroport international de Yangon ; /Restaurants.

Now you can exchange cash at Yangon Airport - Myanmar Message Board

I just want to say that I also saw the KBZ banks change cash at Heho Airport (Inle Lake). You will be accepting dollars, euros and Singapore dollars. U.S. 1: 830 kyats, Euro 1 1050 kyats, sine? Seven hundred and sixty fifty, twenty, ten, five, one dollars. 980 euros for all invoices. dolcevita42: For the show I would like to link you to www.legalnomads.???.

However, as a rule, try not to have invoices older than 2003. However, there are a few exemptions, the hotel accepts my 1999 invoices without any problems, so if you have some of them lying around, please do. I also exchanged in Yangon in an exchange bureau. It was 10 kyat lower than on the illegal trade, but you don't get the trouble and fraud in it.

So, you might have to go to two of them to get all your cash. The smallest misprint (blame is the treasury) in the cash can make your cash useless. Two of the four stands seem to have a penchant for euros, the other two for dollars.

From July the departures fee for Yangon Airport will be increased

Yangon International Airport's Myanmar departures fee will be FEC10 or US$10 from the beginning of July, a Yangon International Airport spokesman said last weeks. A spokesman said that the airport authority had initially intended to raise the airport taxes as of April 1, but to postpone them until July.

As part of the schedule, exit taxes are part of the fare. This was postponed because the airport administration needed more negotiating hours with the airline companies. "The new airport fee will only be changed for Myanmar travelers and will rise from K3000 to FEC10 or $10.

The $10 departures fee for overseas travellers will not change. It was our plan to implement the increased rate on 1 April, but it has now been deferred for at least three month. He said that the reasons for the rise were the adjustment of the exit taxes to "international standards".

The Department of Civil Aviation raised the airport levy for Myanmar travellers from K500 to K3000 in July after Asia World took over the airport's air travel service operations. One of Yangon's ticket agents said his business had been informed of the upcoming raise by airport officers on 28 March.

"We received a call from the airport authorities on 28 March and were informed that the flight fee will be increased as of 1 April. The next morning we were told that the raise would be delayed and would begin in July," he said.

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