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Mandalay Division, Burma. Myanmar Airports live flight arrivals and departures. Arrival at Yangon airport in Burma (Myanmar). Use the form below the map to search and book hotels near Yangon Airport, Burma. The Hanthawaddy International Airport is an airport project in Bago, Myanmar (Burma).

From Yangon Airport to National Airport - Myanmar Message Board

Hello! Does anyone know how long it will take to get to Rangoon IATA? Greetings, Which national airport? The majority of our services will depart from Xangon..... There is an airport and a national airport in the immediate vicinity. Please be aware that although it is only a 5 minutes walking distance between Int. & Home, the paved area is not good, so you will have to take your baggage or buy 1000kyat or so for a doorman to help you.

So, on my return, I have to go through custom and then to the inland airport? Is there an in-house airport traffic area? Exit the premises, turn lefthand and go to the Inland Station - there is no inner through area.

In order to do this, click on his name to go to his personal page and on the lefthand side "Send message" Hello! It makes no sense to have an in-house zone when you travel inland.

Vice-president: A new airport project must be clear

At the first session of the RANGOON Burma Vice-President Henry Van Thio on Wednesday emphasized the need for "transparent and systemic implementation" of the Hanthawaddy Airport Program just outside Rangoon. "Hanthawaddy Airport will be an important gate for foreigners.

There is an urgent need for an airport with internationally recognised security standard for both air passengers and freight, the Vice-President said at Wednesday's session. "Handthawaddy Airport is vital to the economic growth of the country," he said. The Yangon Airport cannot be extended because there is no room for a new airstrip or more aircraft park.

It is also a Burmese Air Force airport and is situated in a built-up area, making exposure to sound a problem. The Hanthawaddy International Airport will be situated on the site of an old airport near the city of Pegu on over 9,500 hectares of property. He called on the relevant government departments and local government agencies to consider possible problems with the modernisation of the streets around the airport, the installation of adequate electricity and telecommunications grids and the relocation of housing estates in the area.

The Incheon Airport consortium, a diversified company from Korea, won the first bidding in August 2013, but the credit conditions for the airport failed to be negotiated and the agreement was cancelled by the state. In October 2014, a new invitation to bid was issued to a Japanese-Singaporean syndicate consisting of the Singapore companies Yongnam Holdings Ltd. and Changi Airports International as well as the Japanese JGC Corporation.

When the first stage of the pilot is complete in 2022, Hanthawaddy International Airport will have a passenger traffic volume of 12 million per year. Once the second stage is complete, it will have a passenger traffic volume of 30 million per year.

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