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568 trips to Myanmar Currently 49 carriers are operating from Mingaladon Airport. The airport Mingaladon has non-stop services to 34 towns. There are at least 216 national and 392 intercontinental departures per weeks from Mingaladon Airport. Currently 22 carriers are operating from Annisaton Airport. The Annisaton Airport operates non-stop services to 12 towns.

At least 130 national and 70 intercontinental services leave Annisaton Airport every time.

Currently 7 carriers are operating from Heho Airport. The Heho Airport operates non-stop services to 7 towns. At least 87 internal departures per city from Heho Airport every city. Currently 7 carriers are operating from Nyaung-u airport. The Nyaung-u airport has non-stop services to 4 towns. At least 53 internal departures per weeks from Nyaung-u airport.

Currently 13 carriers are operating from Naypyidaw Airport. The airport operates non-stop to 4 towns. There are at least 26 national and 26 foreign departures from Naypyidaw Airport every fortnight.

Discount flights from Perth to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, a cross-cultural crucible, is both the major entrance for Myanmar (Burma) as well as its foremost town. Famous for its magnificent architectural and impressive sacred heritage, Yangon is an ecological mess of buddhistic shrines, quiet gardens, contemporary structures and fine contemporary settlement style under UK domination.

Since most Myanmar residents practise Theravada Buddhism, paya or pagoda are common throughout Yangon. Its holiest is the breathtaking Shwedagon Pagoda. The Sule Pagoda, a magnificent gold cupola in the center of Yangon's inner center, is another monument. It is also home to many nature sites with beautiful parklands, backyards and ponds around the town.

Breathtaking views of the town and be enchanted by the gold Shwedagon that reflects in its tranquil water. Hiking in Yangon town centre is an easiest way to get to know the area. You can find a taxi anywhere in the town and it is the most favourite means of transportation because of its relatively low prices.

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