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British help from the British people. Rohingya are a Muslim minority from West Burma (Myanmar). Necessary medical help for refugee camps in Burma through our partners. Coalition's poor record and Houthi's indiscriminate attacks and aid restrictions. There has been a conflict between state forces and armed ethnic groups for over sixty years in parts of Burma's border region.

FAQ's - BurmaAid

Alternatively, you can mail your check to Burma Aid or P.O. Box 63538, 48 East Bank, London N16/QB. If you wish, you can make a contribution by wire-pay. You will be informed by your account manager of the amount and the date of your order with your confirmation and on your account card. If you would like to make a contribution, please write or e-mail us the amount and type of contribution.

We run the most important healthcare, disaster recovery, freshwater, employment and educational programs in our hospitals. You can either contact your local banking institution with an ID card or modify your banking information by accessing your bank's website and changing your information. £1 goes to the needy and needy for every 1 you give.

Our donations are 100%. We' re registred in England and Wales and are issuing a contribution voucher. If you wish, we can contact you by mail, text or e-mail. To call and help us, our staff will be pleased to mail you a note and a contribution request or you can simply click here to get it from our website and have it printed out.

Transparent actions will also involve periodic on-the-spot inspections by local managers to oversee expenditure and progression and payments in Burma. Fundraisers should have a power of attorney, ID or insignia to identify a fundraising drive. You shouldn't ask for your banking number. They should have either a power of attorney, an identity card or a medal.

We would be pleased to make a specific contribution to a group or a specific work. They can make regular on-line contributions or create a permanent order. If you would like to make regular contributions please fill in the following information on our website. The following on-line gifts are accepted: Maestro, Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Solo and Switch.

You can make a contribution by using PayPal, wire transfers or on-line. People in need and the need. This means that for every 1 you give, we get 25p each. If you are a taxpayer in the UK and have already subscribed to the Letter of Giving, your contribution is eligible for giving aid.

Each year we make a contribution to the Burma Muslim Hospital, which provides free care to the needy and the needy. We construct hose wells and manual pumps for safe potable and potable waters, as well as sanitary facilities where it is difficult to find it. Thanks for considering Burma Aid. If you would like to make a recurring contribution, please complete the donations page.

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