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Myanmar Accommodation

Myanmar Flights is a convenient website for searching and booking flights within Burma. Choosing a hotel in Burma can be difficult. Register for free and free to add your accommodation. High-End Inle Lake or Budget Accommodation? Get the best accommodation in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Burma Accommodation - Where we lived

It' truely the case that accommodation in Myanmar can be more costly than in other Southeast Asia states. Throughout our one-month sojourn in Burma, we found accommodations ranging from $10 per room to $25 per person per city. Don't make a reservation on-line as the rates on favourite reservation sites are higher than the walk-in-rates.

It was one of the lowest priced accommodation in Yangon. Situated on the third storey of the house. They are not so kind and difficult to awake (they are sleeping in the front room where you go in). There' are nutrition choices around the area you only need to open your toes.

Situated a little off the beaten track. You will be awakened very early by the noisy Buddhist prayer from the nearby Buddhist shrine, according to which side of the house you live on. There are scooters ($10) and bicycles for hire at the front desk.

They' ll be pleased to arrange a cab for you to the coach terminal ($7) or to the railway terminal ($5). However, if you want to make savings, the railway is not too far away. 24-hour service at the front desk. Mandalay hotels. Wonderful personnel, situated on a side avenue of a lively little city.

There is a rental service for scooters and bicycles at the front desk. When you go to the coach terminal ($7) or railway terminal ($5), a cab will be arranged for you. If you want to economize your costs, the railway is within walking distance of the city. There is a 24-hour service at the front desk.

A great place to discover the lovely town. You will organize hikes to different mountain trunks from the front desk. The two days trek ($20 per pers., including tour leader, meals and accommodation) was done with the help of our local tour leader and we would strongly suggest it. They are so kind, supportive and very good in English.

You can eat and drinks just a minutes stroll from the guest house. We' ve really been enjoying Mr. Grocery and Mr. Shake. Accomodation is within easy reach from the railway and coach stations. If required, you can buy a ticket for further transportation at the front desk. Situated on a small hillside with a magnificent panoramic sight.

Warm running kettle is available, but you must tell the personnel when you want a showers so that they can open the taps to your room. We had a good and tasty breakfeast with a variety of dishes (Burmese, Shan, Indo-American or American). Our English language personnel can also organize hikes for you.

Situated on a small stream, a little bit secluded but well signposted around the city. Our personnel is kind and can arrange transportation and a sea trip if you wish. Bicycles can be hired at the front desk to drive through the city and its outskirts. The Winner Guesthouse is situated in the Nyaung U area, about 10-15 minutes by bike from the school.

The front desk is open 24/7, but if you need anything, you may need to awaken the waitress. Our personnel were very kind and will give you advice on the best places to see the sun rise and set. There' s dining around, but it's overpriced.

Bicycle rental $1. 60 for the entire night at the front desk. How did you find the best and least expensive accommodation in Myanmar?

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