Burma Abandoned City

Myanmar Abandoned City

You will find the rest of the capital quite deserted. Myanmar's former capital Yangon feels like a city that has no direction and can hardly improve. This is one of the many abandoned buildings in Yangon. Nearly six times the size of New York City, Naypyidaw is an abandoned city in Myanmar. As a city, Bagan was abandoned.

Forsaken City in Burma is six times the size of NYC, and it is a pure mistery.

Oddly enough, this spooky city became the Burmese capitol a decade ago when the Burmese authorities said they would move the Rongoon capitol for no apparent at all. It is six time bigger than the NYC scale and has hardly any people. Myanmar is a South-East Asian nation and has one of the world' s toughest reign.

This is why it is often likened to North Korea because of its tyranny. Naypyidaw, since its capitol is home to one of the toughest army regime. Burmese do not even know its existance, even though the construction has costs us tens of thousands of billions. but now the city' s really empty.

There are only a few inhabitants in the city who can be seen in the city. Do you believe the whole town has Wi-Fi? It' located in the midst of a forest, and there are few humans there, and no restaurants or hotel works. Roads are enormous, constructed for daily congestion.

But they are totally abandoned because there are hardly any cars. Rumours have it that Burma has indeed been contacting North Korean engineers to construct subterranean galleries under the abandoned city. Though it is officially said that the total populace is 1 million, the photos tell a different tale.

An oversized ghost town

Naypyidaw, the huge and empty spook town that became the brandnew Burmese capitol a decade ago when the Burmese authorities abruptly declared they would move the Rongoon city. And most Burmese people don't know anything about it either. We' re discussing the capitol of a country that is often likened to North Korea for its still secret army regime that still leads the show, even though it was ousted in 2012 after forty years in office.

Naypyidaw is definitely lacking for a city that is supposed to oversize 120 Manhattans and accommodate one million people. It is said that the city has a million inhabitants, but these photos show that this is only a slightly overstated number. In front of the motel we went through unoccupied buses and some local people who ignored pavements and walked along empty six-lane streets.

  • and SUVs," Robert Reid. It is known to humans that Naypyidaw was mainly constructed for employees of the governments and natives only come to the unreal capitol because it is the only place where they can find work in one of the worlds most poor. In the midst of a jungles that hasn't been populated for 2000 years, Naypyidaws empty cafes and diners provide free, high-speed Wi-Fi, just in case the local residents, whose favorite transportation is on the back of an Ox, wanted to sign into their Facebook-account.

Roads have up to 20 tracks for large federal SWATs, but the term is that these ludicrously large avenues were also constructed as airstrips for army aircraft to end in the event of riots (you may remember the violence used by the administration in handling a friendly monk-led protests last September).

We also have accounts that DPRK engineers have been helping to create a mystical web of underground tunneling in return for groceries and "other materials". Naypyidaw's edifice was cloaked in mystery and no one is sure when it will even begin. The neighbouring towns were struck off the landscape and their residents were compelled to erect a huge administrative edifice to be closed off from the outside worlds.

Naypyidaw could not believe the proverb "build it and they will come". There will be no aliens or investment, although the city has its own neighborhood known as the "hotel zone". Overseas helpers who have to go to work in Naypyidaw are reported not to spend even the darkest nights in the creepy capitol and instead will commute from Rongoon by air every day, which costs $350 for a round trip.

So now you know a little more about Naypyidaw, you wanna go? I' ve heard that the natives are kind.... and desperately want to speak to strangers who don't want to be living in a super big city.

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