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Myanmar 5 star hotels

Five high-end hotels in Yangon, Myanmar. Strand Hotel in Yangon is one of the best known 5-star hotels in Asia. Explore 255 hotels with 5 stars. Place name No. 169/171, Maha Bandoola Garden Street, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

Yangon Hotels offers the key to the best deals on Yangon Hotels from cheap 3 star Yangon Hotels to luxurious 5 star Yangon Hotels.

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"Fairest inn east of Suez" In 1911, in his'Handbook for Travellers in India, Burma and Ceylon', writer John Murray named The Strand the'most beautiful inn east of Suez', a name he has had for over 100 years. The hotel, constructed in 1901 and soon taken over by the Sarkies brothers, famous for Raffles in Singapore and The E&O in Penang, will remain one of Asia's most consistent and impressive colonial symbols.

There are 5 luxurious hotels in Myanmar that should be on your radar.

There are 5 luxurious hotels in Myanmar that should be on your radar, all strategically located to help you find the ideal route to discover this South East Asia land that has so much to boast. Begin your journey with a flight to Yangon, Myanmar's capitol until 2006, and book in Sule Shangri-La Yangon, which is centrally located and has all the touristic amenities, as well as the Shwedagon Diagoda, which is surely part of your plan.

The Horizon Club rooms have an entrance to the Horizon Club Lounges, where you can have free dinner drinks and drinks and benefit from the latest checkout and a private escort for you.

After a long and relaxing days in this bustling town, the gym and swimming pools are the ideal place to unwind; breakfasts are offered every morning in the "Cafe Sule" and don't miss to make a booking in its characteristic Summer Palace where vegetarians and vegans will be delighted to have a complete meal.

Situated right on Lake Inle with sweeping sunsets overlooking the magnificent pools and many of the wonderfully furnished rooms and suite; it was conceived in monastery fashion and claims that "simplicity is the quintessence of refinement and contemplation", this is certainly the place to collect your thoughts and enjoy in the stunning scenery.

The Refektorium's diners are spoiled with cuisine that respects Shan tradition with local produce and local produce, many of which come from the local kitchen gardens. The menus also include a choice of local specialities and a range of veggie cuisines.

The next stop on your Myanmar quest is Mandalay, the former imperial capitol in the northern part of the land and situated on the bank of the Irrawaddy River, the all-new ('opened in March 2018') Hilton Mandalay is a great downtown view point over the magnificent Palace. A range of contemporary and classy rooms and suite options are available to our clients, among them executives' rooms with entrance to the executives' lounges, a large open-air swimming complex, an adjoining gym and free bikes to explore the town.

Cafe Mandalay " for breakfasts and all-day meals, the "Lobby Lounge" for beverages and refreshments and in the evenings the "Graben" with living musical entertainment, a glas of fine wines and an elaborate meal plan of regional, Asiatic and occidental cooking. There is no travel to Myanmar without a visit to Bagan to discover the amazing monasteries and palaces for which it is known.

Situated in a quiet haven with 2 large swimminpools and beautiful landscaped garden, the rooms and suite are very well equipped and have extremely cosy bed facilities that are more than welcome after all-day "temple hopping". Cruising to the shore is the best way to end your journey to Myanmar, and we decided to go to Ngwe Saung, where we slept at the Eskala Ngwe Saung Estate, right on the broad, expansive and abandoned beaches.

Breakfasts and all-day meals can be taken in the restaurant "Brizo", but for this unforgettable eating adventure you can book in "The Village House", where the head cook and his staff have put together a "balanced dinner with genuine Rakhine dishes".

We' ve been in love with Myanmar and will surely be back, we are hoping that our 5 luxurious hotels in Myanmar, which should be on your radar, will help you schedule your journey and make a decision where you are when you come to this charming city. is a co-founder of VacanFoodQuest. It has become a specialist in luxurious vegetarianism, continuing to find, consume and create the best vegetarian foods in the game.

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