strong and heavy built: Husky. A strong man. Burley people are usually very nice. Burly people arent thin, they have meat on their bones. Strong (comparatively strong, superlative stocky) (usually of one man) Large, well built and muscular.

He is a big, strong rugby player who works as a landscape gardener.

Samples for burly in a record

Under Stanislav Cherchesov, a bare and strong former keeper of the country's side, who was appointed in 2016 as Russia's trainer to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup, the side had met with little approval. This three-headed, double-walled version is designed to be sturdy yet simple to install, with a small base, plenty of headroom and the capability to handle up to 80 mph.

Whilst the continuing struggle for the domination of local trucks is a good conversation, Ford believes that the new Super Duty could be strong enough to take on even larger guys. And even if a sealing is set tling, the garrison must stay vigilant because they are completely alive and strong. But when the builder, a strong Russians in a working suit, came by to get his pay, Dima lay down in him.

Photograph by Reuben Wurtz Outside, the Out of the Blue Vintage truck with Roambutt luggage carriers, Zamp modules and powerfull bumper and protection. This sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources to mirror the actual use of the word'burly': vigorous, sporty, herculean, potent, muscled, muscular, vigorous, resilient, robust, vigorous, massive, strong, bulky, bulky, dense, bulky, heavy, firm, bulky, bulky, bulky, thick; round, plump, bulky, plumpy, rosy, tuby; what made you choose bur


Go get a Burly cup for your mother-in-law Beatrix. Grab a strong cup for your Uncle Manafort. that an action has either just begun or is about to begin. Nothing, because they've only just begun. I' m starving, what's for dinner? Get a big cup for your mum Nathalie. Go get a Burlie's cup for your Riley as well.

Bring a strong cup for your Granny Beatrix. Go get yourself a strong cup for your Zora as well. "Yes, quite strong indeed." Go get a big cup for your mom Jovana.

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