This little donkey fought under his heavy load. Well, my older mother's worried she's a burden. For imposing, as load or load; for laying or placing as load (something heavy or offensive). It is a heavy load that is difficult to carry.

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"*burthinjo " (vgl. Old Norse *burthinjo, Old Norse berthinnia, Old Saxon buerde, Gothic baur├żei), aus PIE root *bher- (1) "to bear, to give birth" (siehe Inferenz). The burden of evidence is registered from the 1590s onwards.

We all together, inside and outside the administration, must carry the burden. I' m tired from the dampness of the soil, they burden me, they strangle me! It would throw its burden on Him, for it knew that He took care of it. It was a heavy burden to carry, but I was praying for power to carry it.

Sins bring her penalty, and she is labor, she carries her burden! You would never be a burden again as long as she has power and good health! She' had taken Anna into the shop, but the burden of the relationship was always Harriet. "It' very unpleasant when your earnings become a burden," Christine said seriously.

And Renmark was carrying his load alone. She got up and went to the wretched arm.

Load " are for example

Both the load of the single compartments and the total number of loaded compartments are important. The burden of taxation was indiscriminate and incalculable, and the judgments of the courts of the King's gov. government were flagrantly subject to corruption. Obviously even low hooksworm loads would deteriorate their heath. His oldest boy tried to carry the burden, but it didn't take long before he had to go.

Consistent repeatable worms were achieved without immunosuppressive or exsheating of the larva before vaccination. Regulatory authorities may limit and impose additional charges on hospitals on access to recordings on the basis of responses to specific issues. Often screenings, however, are costly, burden the participant and are heavily dependent on good adhesion. The numbers immediately show that domestic work has put a disproportionate burden on them.

The early lungworm loads are strongly affected by the diet. To make fair choices about how resources are allocated, an unbiased assessment of performance loads is necessary. This puts an extra strain on radiation therapy physicists because it requires extra QA, more service and more sophisticated therapy plan.

The possibilities for placing a patient are still restricted, as nursing caregivers are hesitant to take on the extra burden of drugs and preterm delivery. However, I am focusing here on the interinstitutional pressures on the groups' attempts to externalise their long-term burden. They were a touching argument for liberation from the burden of repetitive delivery.

They both assume that this could be due to a reduction in odour emissions from parasitic bird populations.

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