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At a glance information about Bulgaria Air, including the free baggage allowance, the best way to check-in and information about the flight experience. Locate the best Bulgaria Air tickets, book your flight and fly with Bulgaria Air at the lowest cost. Anything you need to know about Bulgaria Air at Madrid Airport. Check-in desks, lost luggage, contact phones and promotions for flying with Bulgaria Air at Madrid Airport. The Bulgarian airline Bulgaria Air (in Bulgarian ?

??????? ??) is a national Bulgarian airline based in Sofia.

On-line check-in & upgrade service

Do I need to pay for my ticket? This is a quick and easy way to book your ticket and choose your seats on the plane over the web. Arrival check-in for your journey at a point in transit and at a location of your choice to avoid queues at the airports. Printout your boarding pass and be at the airfield at least 40 minutes before your scheduled take-off (if you are traveling without luggage).

It is part of Bulgaria Air's policy to provide high level services for the convenience of our customers. To perform an online check-in, please click here. What are Bulgaria Air Online Check-in services? Bulgaria Air currently operates from the following airports:

How soon can I register on-line? You should open for on-line check-in 24 hrs prior to departure and close 2 hrs prior to your planned departure. And who can't register on-line? Can I book my luggage inline? It is available to travelers with or without luggage. When travelling with luggage, it must be handed in at the airport's business-class desk (drop-off) for identification and register.

When you are only travelling with hand luggage or without luggage, you should go directly to the immigration office and the entrance gates at least 30 mins before the planned start of the game. When traveling to a required destination, you must go to the drop-off desk on your way to the international airports to obtain documentation and visas before check.

What if I can't get my card to be printed? When you have clicked on the "Print" icon, use the "Select change" and "Print again" icons to return to "Identification" and you will receive your on-board ICD. In case you do not wish to have your ticket printed out at check-in, you can do so at any moment, but no later than 2 hrs before the departure.

When you do not have an account at the printers, you can get your card at the Business Line desk at the airfield (drop off). What is the reason why I cannot get my ticket for the second leg of my journey? For a second business travel with one of our partner, you will receive your Business Classic (drop off) ticket for this journey at the Business Classic desk at the Aiport.

Is it possible to switch seats after checking in on-line? Once you have completed the on-line check-in, you can only switch seats at the Business Classic desk (drop-off) at the airfield before your departure. When checking in but not travelling on-line, what should you do? Travellers who do not wish to make a journey after completing your on-line check-in must call the Customer Service Centre as soon as possible on +359 2 40 20 400 or send an e-mail to callFB@air.bg.

When should I leave for the city? Allow enough perimeter check to arrive at the check-in point at least 30 mins. before the planned departure date. What is the joint number of check-in guests allowed to check in together on-line?

Our on-line check-in services are available for groups of up to 9 people. How should I proceed if I loose my ticket? They can reprint their tickets or obtain them at the Business Line counters (drop off) at the airports. Can I register with my newborn?

You can change the chosen seat at the Business Classic desk (drop off) at the airfield if it is not appropriate for travel with a newborn. Is it possible to book my flight when checking in on-line? Checkin is available 24 hrs prior to departure and should be close 2 hrs prior to departure.

Does this for non-Bulgaria Air services exist? If you have any further queries about the Bulgaria Air Customer Care Center, please do not hesitate to call us: Choose a travel in businessclass with our upgrade services. Upgrade services on all Bulgaria Air services are available 24 to 40 mins prior to flight departures, depending on uptime.

EUR 50 for internal travel; EUR 100 for all internal travel; What are the advantages of the upgrade services in accordance with MBS? If you choose, you will receive: prioritized check-in and flight boards; 1 extra item of hold luggage up to 32 kg; entrance to our airports' commercial lounge; amenities and amenities; corporate caterers*. If you are a member of our regular airline programme you will receive more points.

If you bought the services at the airfield shortly before your departure, there is no guarantee that you will be catered for in our Classroom. It is only valid for Bulgaria Air services. If you are on a connection ticket, the free luggage of other airlines must also be checked and adhered to. It is not available for FB 1000-1999.

You can buy the upgrade: our customer service center on +(359) 2 40 20 400, e-mail: callFB@air. bg - Working hours: daily from 08:00 to 22:00 hrs in Bulgaria; all Bulgaria Air office; the ticketing; at the airfield before the airfow.

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