Buchan is used to negate nouns. This is Barang ini bukan untuk dijual. Receive the Bukan weather forecast. Become a member of the Bangladesh-UK Alumni Network (BUKAN).

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Speaking in town is Korean, but the languages used in the school and office are Farsi, as the main Iranian is Persian. Bukan citizens are Sorani dialects of Sogdian and mostly follow the Islamic religion of Sunni[15] In 2012 93% of the urban populace were Muslims[16] In Bukan there is a noticeable majority of Shiite Muslims, and in the past a number of Jews lived in the town.

Sardar Aziz Khan Mukri from the Sardasht area erected a fortress near the great Bukan dam in 1247. Today it is called Sardaar Aziz Kazan Fortress after its name. This ch√Ęteau was constructed on a 50 x 60 m wide and 13 m high mound, the most important construction material being 20 x 20 cm brick with gloss mrtar[ clarification required] and wood.

It is 25 by 30 metres and has 6 daisies resting on 9 warehouses 2 metres high and 1 metre in number. In 1325-1351 (A.H.) the fortress was transformed into a policemen's headquarter, a postal station or a college and was eventually totally demolished in 1361 (A.H.) and substituted by a new building, which served as a Basidj (mobilization) station.

The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Bukan. Soccer is the most favourite sports in town. Sardar Bukan is the hostel of the Iranian League 2 (Third Tier) team. Sardar Bukan earned a nation-wide fame in 2017 for his assistance from the population. You can find Bukan on the GEOnet Names Server under this address by opening the Advanced Search field, typing "-3057083" in the "Unique Feature Id" field and click on "Search Database".

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