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BAGO CITY. Bago City, Negros Occidental Philippines Province. Prices & Accommodation in Buenos Aires Mountain Resort. I'll never run out of topics to write about Bago City, Negros Occidental. Bago City to Buenos Aires:


Ma-ao, Buenos Aires Mountain Spa has always been a part of our memory for many of us who have grown up in Brgy. In spite of the big improvements in Buenos Aires, the place still gives me back a few old reminiscences. During our high school Retreat at the resorts one of my most remarkable experiences with the area was.

At that time Buenos Aires was under personal leadership. There was a different landscape....more trees...cabins surrounded the pools. Usually, when my folks were still around, I would go home almost every week-end and never miss an afternoons at the Buenos Aires Mountain Resort. Then they would decide to just go to the huts while I was swimmin', and after a while the salesman would pick up the icecream that my nephew had used.

I' ve also done some trainings at the resorts and a lot of company trips. Today, every year we meet in Ma-ao as a Christmas, New Year or any other event, we would always remember to visit the place we were raised with. In fact, Buenos Aires is a home for many Bagonhon.

More about the resort: The Buenos Aires Mountain Spa dates back to the 18th century. Jorge Jraneta, General Juan A. Araneta's father, whose name was given to Buenos Aires after one of the places he went to abroad. Buenos Aires Mountain Resort's status as a first-class 1930 host of families can perhaps be seen in the number of well-known people of the time who came to the place, such as Rafael Alunan.

During his hideout he remained in the reserve, concealing himself from the Japanese imperial forces, which were then after his arrest. President Quezon even remained a few day after fleeing the Corregidor tunnel during World II before fleeing to Australia. In the last few outbreaks of the conflict, it was shut down by the familiy, and unfortunately negligence and a seeming shortage of service caused the resorts inevitable doom.

Today the residence is one of the touristic places in Negros. The Buenos Aires Mountain Resort is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism as "AA". You will find rooms, cabins, cottages, gazebos, shed buildings, event rooms, grocery and beverage sales and of course the most renowned, the pool, which is available to its visitors.

The Buenos Aires Mountain Resort is situated in Brgy, Ilijan, Bago City, only 45 hours drive from Bacolod City and easily reachable by car and train.

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