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" My family and I went on a vacation to Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma). Check all Mandalay hotel offers at once. Cheapest accommodation in Mandalay, Myanmar (with prices). udget Hotels in Mandalay, Myanmar: Useful information about Mandalay events, attractions and activities as well as cheap Mandalay hotels.

Discount hotels in Mandalay from £11/night

Hotels.com has 284 ratings for Hotels and other accommodations in Mandalay to help you make the right choices. These 5 hotels were the most frequented in the last hour: For the best value for your budget, you can check rates across Mandalay or in a specific area that best fits your needs.

You can, for example, make bookings for hotels near the places you are most interested in. You can also select from the best hotels in Mandalay with our highly detailled map. Making the most of a tight budget is also a good way to spend time in a Mandalay area.

With our detailled searching feature you can quickly and easily find a cheap accomodation that provides you with what is important for your journey, e.g. a certain topic, the number of star, a budget property with a swimmingpool or a hotel with free breakfas. Whilst the avarage room in Mandalay will cost 25/night, there is no need to overpay.

Hotels.com makes it simple to make savings on every book. In addition, we have 4 other ways to save: 4th - Saves up to 50% on weekends and holidays.

Accommodation in Mandalay

The Mandalay doesn't provide the best choice at the end of the range, but they do have a good flash packer choice and it can be a tantalizing place to inject a few additional bucks for some creation comfort. Like so often in Burma (Myanmar) - and this is especially the case in Mandalay - the budget lodging is $10 to $20 priced, to say the.....

Please have a look at our full report on Mandalay lodging. The Central Mandalay has a variety of accommodations in the flash packer and mid-range, although the budget is still somewhat restricted. Most of the bigger upscale hotels are located on the outskirts of the city and thus avoiding the crowded center. Emperor's is a small but fine establishment, with magnificent rooms at a standard that makes it a great place to be year-round.

Much thought has been given and the results are a comfortable and not confined ambience. See our full rating of Emperor Motorhome. Whilst it is hard to find an outstanding selection from the vast array of very similar flash packer features in Mandalay, the well-organized and effectively administered Kaung Myint is proving to be an anomaly.

As of 2016, the motel is relatively new, and the rooms are immaculate, with effective climate control and private warm shower facilities. See our full review of Kaung Myint Hospitality. The Ayarwaddy Riverview is situated a bit away from the center of the town and offers an unobstructable view of the Ayeyarwaddy.

It is one of the better equipped hotels in Mandalay, with medium facilities and pricing, but it is one of the most affordable offers with a scarce inner city Swimmingpools. See our full rating of Ayarwaddy River View Hotel. The new member of Mandalay's flash packer series is Hotel 8, which is well situated and offers a very good value for money.

Its typical contemporary appearance in the high, thin Mandalay hotell look is even less tempting than most others. If they didn't have a billboard in front of them, you'd think it was an ordinary desk or a bench, with a lot of reflecting glasses and gray pane. See our full rating of Hôtel 8. The Mandalay City has a very favourable, centrally located position in comparison to its rivals and succeeds in squeezing into a proper swimming pools, albeit at slightly higher prices.

There is a small but beautiful swimming area in the small but beautiful gardens, a pleasant layout in the restaurants and bars and great rooms. However, the entry of the motel is strange. See our full Mandalay City Hotell rating. The Silver Swan is a well cared -for rooms with many conveniences and welcoming personnel, with flash packer level rates all year round.

Located slightly south-west of Mandalay's center on an inconspicuous section of 83rd Street, so you'll have to go a few steps on foot to get to most homes. Its appearance is characteristic of the newer hotels in the town, with seven windows and a..... See our full rating of Silver Swan Hôtel.

Mandalay's top deluxe selection is The Hôtel by the Red Canal, a small and unassuming establishment that provides an excellent environment and teamwork. We' ve listed 26 rooms in four prize groups in this property, located in an immaculate landscaped gardens around a mid-size pools.

See our full review of The Hôtel by the Red Canal. More sophisticated than it is, the dynasty of Jadanarpon offers two lines of chalet-style rooms in a courtyard with a path that leads to the five-story back courtyard. Please have a look at our full report on the Dynastyhotels. The 79 Luxury Apartment is in keeping with the Mandalay pattern: contemporary, large and slim with six floors that culminate in a canteen.

See our full rating of 79 Living Hotel. All Mandalay hotels are generally high, thin, contemporary structures, but the Bagan King proprietors have gone to great pains to cover this size with a full ye-olde Bagan themed. See our full Review of Bagan King Hotel. The Garden Hotel is one of the best hotels just off outside the city' s main street, 22th Street.

Clock Tower and Zay Cho Square are a few blocks southward and the ditch a few miles eastward, but we never found out where the Titangarten is. See our full rating of Gardens Hotel. Stylish Yadanarbon has great rooms and friendly personnel, but it has the same problems as some newer, upscale hotels in the city: while the rooms are superb and have a good roof barbecue, they are permanently located in midfield, with no gardens or pools.

But the similarly expensive Ayarwaddy River View and Mandalay City fill up quickly, and if you get busted..... See our full rating of Hotel Yadanarbon. The new five-story M3@sunwinner Hotel is a light crimson colored hotel with clean rooms at affordable prices. Have a look at our full rating of M3@sunwinner Hotel.

Large, long-standing facility right across from Mandalay, Pacific train stations is a good, straightforward flash packer with many rooms. See our full Pacific Hotels rating. At the front of the building looks out onto the road, but there is not too much noise, so the rooms are well-lit. See our full rating of Rich Queen Guesthouse.

An abundance of very similar looking hotels in Mandalay makes it hard to know which rooms offer space, but as soon as you enter the very well appointed Royal City entrance hall, you can see that an exertion has been made here. The Royal City is a favourite place and we went twice, in low seasons, without.....

See our full rating of Royale City Hotel. There are a small number of inexpensive rooms in the famous Royale Guest House and although it is simple, the employees are kind and the rates are good. It is just around the corner from the bustling street named Royal Street. It is calmer, but still very well located.

Please have a look at our full report about the Royal Guest House. Nylons is embedded in a group of no-frills 83rd street budget hotels. Situated on six floors, the traditional and well-liked Mandalay Guest House is a kind of Mandalay back packer establishment, above which a roof café with a beautiful view is a good place to get in touch with other people.

Nylon has clearly developed well, as there is now also New Nylon..... See our full Review of Nylon Hotel. with 12Go Asia. Please have a look at past editions.

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