Budget Hotel Yangon Myanmar

Hotel Budget Yangon Myanmar

" Definitely one of the cheapest hotels in downtown Yangon. "Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye. At the beginning of my Myanmar trip I spent three nights in this motherland hotel. Both of these hotels were popular as low-budget hotels for many years. Yangon International Airport.

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At the beginning of my Myanmar journey I spent three days in this motherland hotel. It was a well organised, safe and tidy hotel. There is no WIFI here and there for 1000K per hours to use one of the hotel computer. At the end of the voyage, I was in Ocean Pearl.

I had not been contacted within three working day and sent them an e-mail with the two e-mail address available on their website. On the first occasion I sent a notice of cancelation by e-mail and the second I had my hotel personnel call OCI to validate my booking. An earlier post-August 2012 alleged that there was a bug with the OCI website and suggested the use of e-mail-address.

It seems to be a dilemma with the e-mail now. Oceans Pearl provided a free transfer to the beach. So I asked the pair on the pod if they had gotten an e-mail confirming that they had done so. but I' d give a better rating to the service at Oceans Pearl.

Oceans Pearl is four block down the city.

Over Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel - Budget Hotel in Myanmar book

The Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel is located just around the edge of Botahtaung Pagoda on Botahtaung Jetty in the Yangon River. Modern minimalistic designs are fused with the Victorian architectural styles, thematized and adorned in the 1920s theming. Enchant yourself with the charming blue of the gentle Yangon River and the countryside.

Featuring 104 rooms, 2 meeting rooms, 2 dining rooms, 2 bars, health centre, theater and spas, you can immerse yourself in the 1920s while relaxing and enjoying the fascinating sunset overlook. Either overlooking the river or the city; we offer parking for 300 vehicles and we are proud that no other hotel offers such a large parking possibility.

The Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel is modernly furnished throughout. Culinary delights can be enjoyed in the restaurant and pub. We' re looking forward to you eating the best dishes from Myanmar, Europe and India with us. The Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel, with its welcoming and welcoming atmosphere and superb amenities, is a great place to stay for both recreational and work.

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