Budget Hotel in Yangon

Cheap hotel in Yangon

Discount hotels in Yangon (Rangoon): The majority of hotels near Yangon are located in the city centre, where budget rooms offer many budget and medium sized options. It is a perfect hotel for business travellers. Hninn Si Budget Inn was a hidden gem in Yangon and one of the best places I have ever visited. Yangon Budget Hotels, travel guide.

Best 10 Budget Hotels in Yangon, Myanmar

The Best Western Chinatown Hotel is an outstanding town hotel, just a few mins from Yangon Central Station. Best Western is a hotel group for a relatively inexpensive hotel, so you don't have to make compromises on room standard or comforts. It has very good personnel and is very well cared for.

You' ll get all the conveniences you'd want, including free WiFi, a mini-bar, a worktable, free lavatory supplies and a room safety-deposit box. Briefly, this is a good choice if you are looking for value for your money and want to remain in the Yangon area.

Situated right next to the Shwedagon Pagoda, the Merchant Art Boutique Hotel is no better. Explore the town' s rich heritage, visit antique sites and everything Yangon has to boast of, this is a great place to be. Like the name suggests, the interior of the hotel is decorated with various art and painting, and even the rooms have the same aesthetics.

The Crystal Palace Hotel is situated in the city centre and offers a nice, cosy and inexpensive room. Each room is neat, stylish and furnished with essential facilities such as mini-bar, tea/coffee machine, free lavatory supplies and hair dryer. Clover Hotel is a fashionable hotel with stunning view of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

In the hotel there are colourful, contemporary interior spaces that enliven the ambience of the place. All the amenities you would expect from free WiFi, free car park, commercial amenities such as telefax and photocopying and free breast. The name of the hotel suggests that the Thanlwin Guesthouse is aimed at those who are looking for a cosy place to stay at the end of a long outing.

For those who prefer to spend the night in a hostel, this house also has bunkbeds, free breakfasts, free private car park and free WiFi. This is one of the cheapest hotel in the budget hotel lists. Royal Holiday Hotel also provides the opportunity to select a room without windows at a lower rate.

In addition to the standard facilities such as free WiFi, hair dryer and room safes, the hotel also provides money change. It is a relaxing retro-style hotel just a few minutes walk from the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is ideal for one or two nights when you are on the road.

It' one of the bestsellers in Yangon on Booking.com among corporate travellers. It also has free WiFi and free open car park, and some rooms even have a bath outside the showers. One fairly new feature, this fashionable hotel is located in the city centre of Yangon, 1. 6 km (0. 9 miles) from Sule Pagoda.

The special thing about this real estate is that it has a common cooking area on each level! When you don't care to use a common room, this real estate has quite good rebates on such rooms. Shape like a royal villa, this wonderful estate gives the feeling of a seaside town.

There is no ocean here, but you can still relax on the plot. Located in one of the best areas in Yangon, far from the centre of the town and close to the international airports, this is one of the most popular hotel for pairs. This is the best real estate for you if you want to spend one or two days and want to get nearer to the Aiport!

In addition to its unorthodox name, this classy hotel provides a panorama view of the town' s cityscape. The 8Day Hotel is situated 5 km from Shwedagon Pagoda and 7 km from Sule Pagoda. In addition to all the essential comforts, this hotel also provides rental cars, free parkings, free of charge aerodrome shuttles and free WiFi.

Celebrate the comfort of cheap hotel accommodation and make the most of your trip to Myanmar without peeling!

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