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Beautiful guesthouse in the heart of Yangon. Agga Guest House in Yangon, Myanmar. Accommodation in Winners Guesthouse Bagan Myanmar Where to stay cheap in Burma. The Mountain View Guest House is surrounded by natural landscapes and offers views of the mountains. The guesthouse is designed for backpackers and cheap travellers.

A report by Chan Myae Guesthouse, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

And I knew that this place was fantastic when they said they were ready to prebook our platoon and that we could afford it when we got there. I' m willing to put my faith in them. It may look like any other filthy backpackers' craze in the whole wide globe, but once you get in, it's flawless.

Shoes, plenty of room to put up, a safe outside.

Top 10 Yangon (Rangoon) Hostels of 2018 (with prices)

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Aga Guesthouse | Yangon

Aga Guesthouse is a subsidiary of Aga Hotels and is an excellent place to spend the night for backpacker tourists and price-conscious travellers looking for the best value for your budget. It has large, cool single bed and neat baths, making it easy to enjoy your time. The pleasant furnishings and the pleasant services make the hotel a great place for travellers.

Situated in China Town, Yangon (Myanmar). Chinatown's bustling nightlife and major nightlife features such as Sulu Lake, Shwedagon Lake, Botataung Lake, Scott Square, Townhall and the Yangon Colony Building, Yangon Railway and the Yangon Guest House are just a few steps from the Agga Guest House. For only $11, where else in Yangon can you get a proper bunk?

thananlwin Guest House - Book now

The Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is the biggest town in Myanmar (formerly Burma). It is a mixture of colorful architectural style, contemporary skyscrapers and gold-plated Buddha Schools. The famous Shwedagon Paya, a vast, gleaming Piago area, attracts tens of thousand of pilgrims each year. Among the other remarkable places of worship in the town are the Botataung and Sule Floors, both of which are home to buddhistic remains.

In the Thanlwin Guest House you will find a laundrette, iron and room service. There is a local café and free local carpark. The Thanlwin guest house has free WiFi throughout the area. From the Shwedagon Pagoda, 3.5km from Thanlwin Guest House, the famed lying Buddhas are even nearer and a 5-minute stroll takes you to the magnificent Inya Lake, which is within walking distance at sunset.

Yangon International is the closest international airports, 8 km from the camp. Located in Southeast Asia, the Yangon region has a tropic atmosphere. Warm and arid (March - May), rain (June - October), cool and arid (November - February). Whilst Yangon is easy to visit at any given moment of the year, it is best to drive after the wet seasons from November to January when it is a bit colder and not so damp.

Visitor should take along lightweight and laid-back cottons, but the selection of garments depends on the time of year. During the cooler seasons in Yangon, it may be necessary to wear warm garments.

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